REVIEW: “Hot Cop” by Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone

An adorably amusing and incredibly sexy Romantic Comedy between two commitment-phobes who can’t help falling in love.  Romance Powerhouses Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone join forces creating this fantastic novel of crazy hot passion and unconditional love.  The heroine’s sworn off men after her last bout of heartbreak.  Livia can’t stand the “in between.”  Falling in love’s fantastic but waiting to see if there’s a break-up or Mr. Forever isn’t worth the stress.  Livia has a job she loves, owns her home, but something’s missing.  Her thirtieth birthday’s next year and she believes the unconditional love of her own child will fill the empty place.  Chase’s a happily single cop, as his sister calls him, “Officer Good Times.”  His job’s dangerous.  He lost his parents while he was young and doesn’t want to put a wife and children through that.  So he enjoys his one-night “Badge Bunnies.”

Livia Ward gets a call from a girl she mentors at the library, Ryan, asking for help.  Apparently the police are at her protest.  When Livia arrives she sees most of the school’s female office staff are fawning over a cocky looking police officer.  Rolling her eyes she goes to extricate Ryan without charges being filed.  When she sees Officer Kelly she understands what the fuss is about.  Tall, muscular, and filling out his uniform within an inch of it’s life.  The mirrored aviator sunglasses are the bow on top of law enforcing masculinity.  Ryan’s protesting a policy stating cheerleaders can’t wear their uniforms to school on Game Day.  All because a boy complained that it gave him impure thoughts.  Livia argues boys will have impure thoughts regardless of whatever girls wear.  Liv hears Officer Kelly mutter, “she’s right about that.”  In the end Ryan returns to class without incident.

After the crowd disperses Officer Kelly surprises Liv by asking her out to dinner.  Sticking to her “No Men” rule she refuses and escapes while he’s distracted.  Chase can’t stop thinking about the feisty woman he met the previous morning.  When his brother-in-law comes to drop off his nephews, since he and Chase’s sister are working, he gets an idea.  Chase’s sister’s a librarian and Livia Ward mentioned she works at the library.  So he gathers up his little nephews, loads them into the wagon, and walks to the neighborhood branch.  It’s his lucky day.  When he sees his sister she’s talking to the woman who’s been on his mind for over twenty-four hours.  Chase’s sister introduces Livia to her brother and discovers they already know each other.  Megan warns Chase not to be a douche-bag.  Chase charms and cajoles Livia into accepting a dinner date for the next evening.

Livia is still holding firm to remaining “Man Free” and she isn’t built for one-night-stands.  But she does have ulterior motives for accepting Chase’s invitation.  She dresses for pure seduction to soften him up to accept her proposition and Chase makes it worth her while.  Livia asks Chase to be the father of her baby.  She can’t afford artificial insemination, she knows him and trusts him, and she knows they won’t get romantically entangled.  For Chase this is like Christmas and his birthday all in one.  A woman who’ll let him have sex with her, no condom, no commitments, no parental rights, and no child support.  The only stipulations is that he can’t have sex with any other women during however long the process takes.  Livia wants this to be a business transaction only.  At first Chase balks, but the possibilities, and Livia, are too irresistible to decline.

However it doesn’t take long for Chase to become protective.  For their first session, Liv picks a “no-tell-motel” in a terrible part of town.  Wanting to ensure her safety, Chase springs for a room at a much nicer hotel.  Livia feels guilty about him footing the bill for her “Project Baby Making.”  Liv’s brain careens during sex trying to justify her enjoyment of what Chase’s doing to her body.  Trying to remember this is purely for procreation purposes.  There comes a point where Livia’s overwhelmed by things feeling too intimate, more than just biological desire and frightening her.  After they both climax Liv wants to flee immediately.  But Chase reminds her she needs to lie back with her hips elevated for a while.  Once the time has passed she ready to run again.  Chase’s confused but tells her to stay at the hotel overnight since it’s paid for.

The next time they get together Livia she institutes a “No Kissing” rule, in order to keep things less intimate.  Their second meeting’s at her home.  When they make their way onto her bed Liv needs to take a break because things are feeling “too real.”  For some reason this hurts Chase’s feelings and he becomes cold and clinical – “syringe dick.”  Livia apologizes for laying her issues on him and hurting his feelings.  Secretly Chase finds himself enjoying holding Liv’s hand, comforting her, and their late night texts and phone calls.  What’s disconcerting is he doesn’t mind the idea of Livia getting attached.  Because he’s feeling really possessive of her and he likes it.  Though they only planned to have sex only during her ovulation period they have sex almost everyday for two weeks.  Unfortunately it doesn’t take and Liv doesn’t take it well.

Livia was hoping it would work sooner rather than later because she wants get it over with quickly.  Chase finds himself not wanting it to end at all or ever.  He can’t imagine how he’ll feel once Liv gets pregnant with his baby.  Livia demands that all of Chase’s climax’s are hers – no “self pleasuring”.  They’ll go at it everyday so they don’t accidently miss a day.  Chase and Liv become insatiable and almost inseparable.  They start inventing reasons to have sex and stay in contact.  Liv realizes that she’s in love with Chase.  She agrees to go on a double date with a friend in order to try to protect her heart.  Because she knows Chase’s eventually going to leave her.  Tragedy strikes convincing one to push the other away but pulls the one closer.  Will they ever both admit their true feelings.

“Hot Cop” is a delight!  The characters are entertaining and rich in personality.  There’re subplots regarding fighting for good causes and more about the danger and policies of Chase’s job.  Chase’s a self-proclaimed giant manwhore but order and compartmentalization are extremely important to him.  Once Livia comes into his life the compartments don’t sort easily his no-attachments-only-fun lifestyle gets thrown to the wayside.  Livia believes all relationships lead to heartbreak ; love and promises end up with packed suitcases and empty rooms.  Therefore she bans men from her life.  Until Chase comes along.  She sees him with his nephews, his patience and playfulness, and knows he’s who she wants as her “baby-daddy”.  Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone do a fantastic job with hot and racy sex scenes.  They make Chase ever so endearing with his earnest pregnancy research and irresistible with his growly and possessive caveman ways.

I’m giving “Hot Cop” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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