REVIEW: “House Rules” by Cathryn Fox

“House Rules” has a deliciously dirty talking hero who adores defiling his typically straight-laced heroine.  I love it when Cathryn Fox is a dirty girl.  “House Rules” is the second installment in the Dossier series.  This series follows several friends who make a New Years pact.  Each girl draws the name of a friend then plans a sexually liberating adventure for their birthday.  None of the girls are aware of who has selected their names.  They’re only allowed to take the information in their dossier and what’s anonymously provided them.  Kennedy Lane’s a shy museum curator who’s blossomed from the awkward chubby adolescent.  She finds herself on an adventure too adventurous and plans on skipping the challenge and lying through her teeth.  Her plans change, when she sees her childhood crush, and best friend’s brother, Sean Fraser at the dossier’s destination.

Kennedy’s been in love with her best friend Olivia’s big brother Sean since they were kids.  However Sean was bossy treating her like a nuisance and leaving whenever she was over.  Sean Fraser’s a ruthless New York investment banker visiting London on business.  He can’t believe it when he sees little Kennedy Lane all grown up.  Being three years older, Sean couldn’t do anything when he was nineteen and thought sixteen year-old Kennedy was a knock-out.  All he could do was fantasize about all the ways he wanted to defile his kid sister’s best friend.  So he’d have to flee whenever she was around or else burn in Hell for ravishing the sweet girl.  Back then three years was a big deal.  Now there’s nothing stopping him from tossing her on his bed, tying her there, and having his way.  He doesn’t understand why Kennedy’s pretending she doesn’t know him.

Kennedy Lane finds a plane voucher to London and an invitation to dance at a gentleman’s club in her dossier.  Her “friend” either has her mixed-up or doesn’t know her at all.  Rather than follow the rules, only taking what’s given, she packs her own things as well and a back-up plan.  Her plans change when she sees her childhood crush, at her hotel then go into the gentleman’s club.  Using her pole dancing fitness class skills, she takes a risk Sean’ll be at in attendance.  Kennedy’s convinced that Sean doesn’t recognize her and would run in the other direction if he knew who she is. She decides to by her dancer’s stage.  Sean doesn’t understand why Kennedy’s pretending she doesn’t know who he is but goes along with her game.

Sean gets a private dance with “Kitten” and has to follow the “house rules” of no touching.  He catches up with “Kitten” in the hotel bar and negotiates an evening of no-strings sex.  In his room it’s “his rules”, his playground and she’s his toy to play with anyway he wants.  Sean needs/wants a fake fiancée for business purposes and asks “Kitten” to pretend for him.  This extends his one-time only into a potential weekend long affair.  Sean realizes that he’s feeling more than just casual.  Kennedy now knows Sean’s it for her.  But a huge misunderstanding causes Kennedy to fly back across the pond and go into hiding.  It’s going to take all of Sean’s ruthless negotiation skills to fix this.

“House Rules” is Cathryn Fox at her filthy talking hero no-holds-barred sexcapades best!  Sean’s definitely a Hero you need to do some stretches before entering into a sexual situation with him.  Kennedy’s fabulous.  She’s apprehensive but daring and for all of her complaints about Sean’s “bossy” past she loves it in the bedroom.  This installment in the Dossier series is all about Sean and Kennedy.  There’s just a mention of the next heroine in line but no hints with what’s to come.  The stars are Kennedy, Sean, and insanely hot sex scenes; there arent’ any outstanding secondary characters.  There’s wonderfully fun scenes with Sean being slightly confused, a caveman, and sexually unhinged.  Then Kennedy working her alter-ego “Kitten”, reveling in Sean’s dominance, yet still clinging to her insecurities.  Cathryn Fox has quickly become a “Gimme!  Gimme! Author” that I do not pass up.

I’m giving “House Rules” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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