REVIEW: “Prom Queen” by Katee Robert

“Prom Queen” has an intriguing storyline based on reputations and things not being what they appear.  Katee Robert whips up an engaging couple with a complex history with a present tip toeing around a ticking secret.  The Heroine’s an intricate character, a recovering “Mean Girl” seeking redemption.  Jessie was cruel and uppity during high school but only her ex-boyfriend Jake knew the reason.  Afraid she’s going to be tarred and feathered by bitter classmates at her ten year reunion.  So Jessie feels she needs buffer.  Her roommate books a “fake boyfriend” from a company that provides event escorts; not the “happy ending” kind.  Jessie hopes the “fake boyfriend” will shield her from the high school boyfriend who’s heart she broke cruelly.  Unfortunately the professional dating site’s owned by Jake and he decides to personally be her “faux boyfriend” for the reunion.

As a child and teen, Jessie grew up competing in the pageant circuit.  Her mother engineered every aspect of her beauty regimen and is her biggest critic with the most power against her.  Because she felt so powerless at home; Jessie took out her frustration on her classmates.  Jessie’s boyfriend, Jake, knew her secrets and their plan was to move away from their small town after graduation.  Unfortunately a tragic car accident derailed Jake’s college football plans and a future in the NFL.  Jessie broke up with Jake short after the accident.  She told him she was moving on since she couldn’t see a future with him any longer.  Jessie moved to LA leaving Jake behind with a shattered heart.  While in LA Jessie suffered from serious setbacks which pushes her into realizing her past needs to be dealt with.

Jessie must now physically confront her past and the people she hurt or was cruel to.  She must also take a stand against her own mother.  Most importantly she needs to make amends to her ex-boyfriend Jake.  One of Jessie’s roommates books a professional escort for Jessie to take her to her ten year reunion.  He’s to provide a barrier from any bitter backlash from her classmates; especially her ex-boyfriend.  When the “paperwork” comes into Diamond Dudes Jake can’t believe his first love’s hiring a fake boyfriend from his company.  Feeling a bit vindictive Jake assigns himself to work this gig.  Unfortunately his plans backfire when he finds Jessie isn’t the same “mean girl” who left him ten years ago.

Jessie is shocked to learn that Jake works as an escort.  And she curses the irony that paired him, of all people, to her for this job.  Although Jake’s the last person Jessie wants to spend close quarters with their feelings rekindled quickly and emotions run high.  Jake helps Jessie navigate through the high tension dealings with her past.  Together they work through the whys behind their bitter break-up and forge plans for a potential future together again.  However a bitter rival reveals a secret Jake has been holding onto.  That knowledge discolors every bit of progress Jessie and Jake have made to a reconciliation.  Jake needs to scramble to somehow stop Jessie from returning to LA and never returning to Texas.

Katee Roberts add a sexy and romantic entry into the Bad Boy Homecoming series with “Prom Queen”.  Jessie and Jake are complex, compelling as well as charming.  The storyline is rich and the sexy fun times extremely satisfying for this small novel format.  My only problem is that the ending felt rather abrupt.  But everyone always loves an Epilogue and when one isn’t there it makes a reader awful sad.  Despite the tidy bow “Prom Queen” has the feel of a full and rich storyline.  Thankfully it doesn’t leave you in the lurch regarding spicy and steamy sex.  As usual Katee Robert delivers making this installment one of the best in the Bad Boy Homecoming series.

I’m giving “Prom Queen” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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