REVIEW: “A Sky Full of Stars” by Samantha Chase

Samantha Chase’s “A Sky Full of Stars” is a sweet romance between two complete opposites who fall in love-at-first-sight.  The Heroine quickly brings out the Hero’s inner badass surprising his friends and family alike.  Dr. Owen Shaughnessy’s the last of his brothers to find his perfect mate.  The only person to accept him for who is was his mother, who passed away when he was ten years-old.  Owen’s convinced no other woman will accept him as he is.  Brooke Matthews’s a converted “Mean Girl”.  She was the “popular cheerleader” who made fun of shy and awkward kids like Owen and her own brother.  But she’s changed she sees the special qualities those people bring to the table.  When she meets Owen, she doesn’t see a Weird Geek she sees a handsome, kind and intelligent man.  A man who’s too good for her; one she doesn’t deserve.

When Owen’s mother passes away he feels completely alone.  He knows his outgoing and popular twin will back him up and protect him from the bullies.  His mother was his cheerleader and his pillar of strength.  She understood his Clark Kent persona to his twin’s Superman, and his desire to sometimes wear the cape.  His mother stargazed with him and enjoying him tell her everything knew about the planets and stars.  She told him he wasn’t Strange but Special; anyone who told him differently wasn’t worth listening to.  Unfortunately those voices, the ones who call him Freak, Weird, Geek, are the only voices Owen hears.  Even though Owen’s siblings tease him for being a brainiac he doesn’t see they defend him and envy his intelligence.  Now that he’s an adult he believes his students, colleagues, and even his family think he’s odd.

Owen believes in scientific facts.  He doesn’t believe in “Twin Telepathy” like his twin Riley; Owen chalks it up to coincidence.  Owen also rejects, love-at-first-sight, Happily Ever After, and fairies.  However when Brooke Matthews enters his classroom he sees she’s beautiful, when she smiles he has to smile.  Likening her to a Gypsy or a nymph with her flowy skirts and bangle bracelets.  When he sees her paintings of the night sky he feels as though he’s touching the stars – they’re magical.  Her Uncle Howard is Owen’s mentor and wants Brooke to accompany him on the “Nevada Project”.  A scientific tour to view meteor showers with undergrad and graduate students.  Howard suggests Brooke can help Owen organize paperwork and his social skills.  Owen rejects the need for a “social skills babysitter”.  Even though Brooke treats him like he’s normal.  The fact that she’s a gorgeous woman unnerves him.

When he speaks to his brothers about his attraction to Brooke, and subsequent social interactions, they’re enthusiastic and encourage him.  Although Owen’s intimidated by Brooke’s looks, and his internal voices calling him Weird, he’s drawn to her inner light.  Brooke acts like she thinks he’s Normal and seems to want him sexually as well – she is.  He begins to reconsider inviting her to accompany him on the meteor viewing.  Brooke’s appearance in his life creates changes in him.  Owen becomes spontaneous.  Deciding to go to Vegas for a trial run of the meteor shower camp out.  That leads to an impromptu trip to a casino where he gets sucked into gambling.  His younger sister witnesses Owen’s personality change.  When Owen steps up threatening to kick the butt of her much larger “boyfriend” in the middle of the casino.  This change stuns and excites Darcy.

Brooke has secrets in her past that she is hesitant to share with Owen.  Because she was beautiful her mother entered her in beauty pageants and she was a cheerleader.  She made fun of the shy and awkward super intelligent students.  Her brother was one of those people.  Brooke’s parents raised them according to stereotypes.  Her brother was encouraged to focus on his studies, rather than sports, while she on fashion and make-up.  Needless to say she and her brother weren’t close.  When she got to college she found there were many girls like her and was unprepared for the academic challenges.  Her brother on the other hand was and apparently thrived.  There’re clues to a troubled past that Owen sees but he waits to see if she’ll share with him.  Owen learns about the traumatic incident that causes her fears; he learns more from his mentor, her Uncle Howard.

Brooke worked with a charity helping children, like Owen and her brother, gifted children who’re bullied by “popular” kids.  During an impromptu visit home, with Brooke, things don’t go smoothly.  Brooke’s not greeted as warmly as Owen anticipated.  His brothers’ wives, and Owen’s sister, take to her and think she’s great.  Another change in Owen is that he’s standing up for himself to his brothers.  Even though this entails Owen shouting at them they greet the change as a good one.  Everyone except his twin, Riley.  Riley tells Owen that he doesn’t trust Brooke, he thinks she’s using him.  She seems, to Riley, like those popular girls who used to make fun of Owen.  He’s afraid Brooke’ll end up hurting him because she’s “out of his league”.  Needless to say this doesn’t go over well and for the first time ever Owen stops speaking to his twin.

Unfortunately, Riley’s words haunt Owen, as well as the fact Brooke helped gifted children gain confidence.  He wonders if this beautiful woman is merely feeling sorry for him and he’s just a project to him.  In the meantime Brooke is on the other side of the fence intimidated by Owen’s intelligence, feeling unworthy of him.  Even though they both are suffering to deal with a common tragedy their insecurities tear them apart.  It takes help from unlikely sources to bring them to the realization they need to fight for their unlikely Love.

“A Sky Full of Stars” is a wonderfully poignant and sweet romance.  The main characters are charming and engaging.  Although Owen’s continuous falling back on the labels of “weirdo”, “strange”, “odd”, and “geek” grow old; it is understandable.  Yet mildly irritating.  Both Owen and Brooke do undergo a lot of emotional growth making them quite intriguing.  Owen’s siblings are a lot of fun especially Darcy and Quinn.  In fact, Quinn’s downright hilarious.  There are tender moments and just plain tear-jerking scenes.  They are more “pretty cry” scenes as opposed to an “ugly cry” ones.  Samantha Chase creates an interesting storyline pairing a pop-culture and unaware astrophysicist with a former beauty queen and aspiring artist.  “A Sky Full of Stars” is a lovely and sweet romance which is a pleasure to read.

I’m giving “A Sky Full of Stars” 4 Lightning Bolts and Sunny Skies.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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