REVIEW: “Small Town Scandal” by Daisy Prescott

I love the men of Whidbey in Daisy Prescott’s Wingmen series.  Carter Kelso goes above and beyond in the swoony, quirky, flawed Hero category for “Small Town Scandal”.  Throughout the Wingmen series Carter has shown a slight obsession for Ashley Kingston and now he’s doing something about it.  Being a Kelso, he has a reputation among the islanders as irresponsible and lazy.  His goat lawncare business is eccentric enough to keep the reputation alive and kicking.  However, in “Small Town Scandal” that reputations aren’t always correct and things aren’t always how they appear.  A big and long-term target of island gossip and slander is coffee hut owner Ashley Kingston.  In this book many family secrets are cracked open and we learn about Ashley and Carter’s high school sweetheart past.  Touching, poignant, and illuminating.  These backstories explain a lot about these two characters and so much more.

In “Small Town Scandal” Carter Kelso decides to buckle down and finally go about winning Ashley Kingston’s heart … again.  This time he’s doing it the right way; with forever being the end date.  He’s going to follow gentlemanly protocols.  He’ll ask her out for a meal and activity, pick her up at her door and even bring her flowers.  Then end the date with a proper goodnight kiss at the door.  However Ashley doesn’t believe in True Love or relationships.  She’s going to try his willpower by avoiding emotions and skipping to the sexy stuff.  Unfortunately, Carter wants to win her back properly.  Continuously pushing Ashley in order to keep on track with his “long game” to make her his might kill him.  But for him Ashley’s worth it; she’s always been worth it since they were in Middle School.

“Small Town Scandal” is extremely intriguing with what Ashley brings to the table as a Heroine.  Everyone’s been “slut shaming” her since her early teens.  Her overly zealous and religious grandmother and mother dogging and judging her along with the island gossips.  Rumors and gossip are as good as currency on Whidbey.  Ashley gave up trying to be a good girl when even her mother and grandmother were unjustly judging her.  Now Ashley’s now living without excuses and not tolerating those who standby while others speak inappropriately to and about women.  Despite all Carter and Ashley have lived through and learned their self esteems are still precarious.  Happy Ever After, isn’t certain.  But Carter’s a man on a mission; and Ashley might be willing to make the reach this time.  Unfortunately the ghost of Ashley’s ne’er-do-well father and Carter’s father’s feud may ruin their second chance at True Love.

“Small Town Scandal” is a wonderfully romantic Second Chance love story.  Daisy Prescott makes the story more intriguing by running a theme of “Slut Shaming” and double standards throughout.  This book’s incredibly fun and witty.  How can it not be entertaining with goats, Swingers Party recollections and tales of a meat market throw-down?  Ashley’s a scarred warrior surviving a war on her morality now scared to fight for more.  Carter’s the family caretaker and secret-keeper simultaneously wearing the island’s crown of Irresponsible Shenanigan King.  He’s grown tired of covering up others who aren’t worthy or grateful for his efforts.  Carter realizes his dreams of winning back Ashley and her love are his priority.  The journey to that prize involves the past, apologies and forgivenesses which need to be made.  All the Wingmen are in attendance in this book and fabulous recollections for “Confessions of a Tom Cat” are revived.

I’m giving “Small Town Scandal” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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