REVIEW: “Tycoon” by Katy Evans

In “Tycoon” the Hero and Heroine’s lives are paved with “whys” and “what ifs” and the journey’s sexy, and challenging.  The hero, Aaric (pronounced like Eric but with a double A) Christos, a struggling, ambitious, workaholic teen in Austin, TX.  After his mother died he and his brother moved away forcing him to leave behind the girl he’d never forget.  Now he’s a highly successful real estate mogul and business investor in New York City.  The Heroine’s Bryn Kelly, she’s also from Austin attending high school with Aaric.  Bryn knew Aaric was interested in her but she refused his advances.  It wasn’t because she wasn’t interested, she was, but Bryn knew Aaric could do serious damage to her heart.  She was a coward.  Once Aaric left Austin Bryn realized that he would always be her “what if”.

All Bryn’s plans died when her parents perished in a freak hotel fire.  Now Bryn has a new dream but she needs someone to believe in it and help her make it real.  Aaric was the bad boy to her good girl in her high school.  Secretly Bryn wanted more but refused to admit it to anyone even to herself.  Aaric had no qualms about expressing his interest in the sassy pint-sized Texas cutie.  Over a decade later Bryn and Aaric meet again; she needs his help to make her dreams a reality.  For these star-crossed-lovers the art of the deal’s a series of sexy bobs and weaves in a fight for love.  Katy Evans brings together an intricate storyline and compelling characters.  The POV’s mainly Bryn’s but it occasionally alternates to Aaric’s.  Many of his chapters are out-of-sequence flashbacks; which might be the cause of some wonky pacing.

Bryn Kelly is desperate for her start-up to become a reality.  She calls in some favors to get a meeting with the one man who could make it or break it.  This is the same man she rejected when she was a seventeen year-old girl trying to protect her heart.  Now Aaric Christos is forever, in her mind, her “what if”.  To Bryn’s surprise Christos recognizes her and there’s still shadows of the witty banter they had over a decade ago.  Their first meeting isn’t as successful as Bryn had hoped and she doesn’t get a positive answer to her request.  Thankfully she doesn’t get a “No” either.  Bryn experiences belly flutters of attraction, meets Christos’ gorgeous socialite girlfriend, and experiences the icy chill of jealousy.  She realizes she needs to focus on her business and realize she’ll never get an answer regarding her “what if”.

Christos never forgot about Bryn but he didn’t realize that seeing her again would affect him so intensely.  Bryn also made him feel things but he didn’t realize seeing her would turn everything around on him.  Christos doesn’t make getting his backing easy; he makes her work hard for it and ensures she doesn’t give up.  At first Bryn in on offense aggressively trying to get Christos’ ears and eyes on her pitch.  Suddenly, Christos has Bryn off balance, calling her in to unexpectedly work on her business plan or attend a “Meet-and-Greet.”  Aaric never seems to let her know if she’s on the right track toward getting her start-up money.  The close quarters and the high stakes cause Bryn and Aaric to reminisce to their youth; amping-up the sexual tension.  Suddenly Aaric and Bryn’s relationship is complicated: Business, Pleasure, and potentially more.  Then the bottom drops out.

Katy Evan’s “Tycoon” is a story which intertwines it’s past and present, whys and what-ifs, losses and founds.  Aaric and Bryn’s romance is sassy and sexy yet swims in the deep-end of the pool of self-doubt and regret.  This is definitely a couple who belongs in the “Can’t Catch a Break” division.  Bryn’s roommate is a secondary character to keep an eye on.  The storyline in “Tycoon” is engaging and compelling though the pacing feels a little uneven at times.  However it was a riveting plot.  The main characters are amusing, sassy, exchange witty banter and have off-the-charts sexual chemistry.  The sex scenes are steamy with a fabulous amount of spice!  Aaric and Bryn dance their way through a romantic minefield in this intriguing Katy Evan’s romance.

I’m giving “Tycoon” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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