REVIEW: “Wicked Favor” by Sawyer Bennett

The Wicked Horse has expanded to Vegas and it even more decadently depraved as before!  Sawyer Bennett’s “Wicked Favor” is a little less leather but a whole lot of kink and super-sexy fun romance!  I adore the Wicked Horse series and the move to Vegas produces an over-the-top version of the original sex club.  The new owner, Jerico Jameson, isn’t as broody as the sex club’s Wyoming counter-part but he is deliciously debauched.  He revels in his sexual freedom and is wholeheartedly dedicated to opening up his heroine to his world.  Trista Barnes isn’t a shy virgin but she’s never seen sex at this level.  She doesn’t begrudge what other’s are into but fears the more she witnesses the more she’ll want to experience it.  This couple has so much fun and although there’s an element of revenge this book has a sexy lighthearted feel.

Jerico Jameson is ex-Special Ops and started his own Security Company out of Vegas.  Through his old military buddy Cain, he gets the opportunity to help franchise the Wicked Horse sex club.  His Security Company’s running smoothly and successfully so running, and enjoying, his club is his priority now.  Jerico was burned a few years ago.  An army buddy who saved his life in Afghanistan and worked for him slept with his fiancée.  The betrayal rocked him and shattered his belief in love.  Although he hates the guy he still owns him a debt for saving his life.  The man’s sister comes to Jerico for help.  Trista tells Jerico her brother sent her to him because he owes him a favor that she’s calling it in.  Jerico sees an opportunity for revenge and plans on enjoying the sexy little sister as a pawn in his scheme.

Trista is in trouble with a loan shark; she owes $25,000 and wears the bruises to show he means business.  She was sent to Jerico Jameson at the Wicked Horse on the top floor in one of Vegas’ luxury hotels.  Jerico’s not simply going to give her the money or even negotiate a long-term payment plan.  He isn’t a bank.  Trista’s has to work off the debt at the sex club for thirty days.  Jerico provides her with “uniforms” for various jobs she may fill within the club:  hostess, bartender, cleaner, and condiments salesgirl.  From a black turtleneck and slacks to a g-string with only the condiment tray straps to cover her breasts.  Jerico personally trains and shadows her for each job.  Trista’s titillated by the themed rooms and sex acts that go on within.  She tries to remain unaffected, however her curiosity wins out.

Jerico wants Trista the moment he sees her, even more so when he discovers who her brother is.  The goal’s to get her under, over him in any and all sex acts in the club or his bed.  Those are the steps in his plan to get revenge.  He won’t force Trista; however he will lead her to her sexual awakening.  As Jerico introduces Trista to the pleasures of The Silo Room and The Orgy Room no-strings sex becomes something more.  The deep sting of the betrayal and it’s after-effects run deep.  Although Jerico’s feelings, for Trista, are growing his need for revenge at her expense remain at the forefront.  Will Love prevail over Vengeance or is Trista destined to be betrayed herself?

“Wicked Favor” is wonderfully erotic; the sex scenes are imaginative, racy, and “Spank Bank” worthy!  Sawyer Bennett doesn’t disappoint with this spin-off to the Wicked Horse series getting off to a fabulous start.  Jerico and Trista have an easy-going feel to them.  This gives “Wicked Favor” a less intense storyline allowing more time to explore the seductive decadence of the new club.  The couple falls for each other quickly and easily although the denial of their strong feelings is very much present.  Because Sawyer Bennett has Trista working and learning various jobs at the club we explore the new Wicked Horse thoroughly.  Trista and Jerico enjoy a few of the rooms quite creatively.  Jerico’s friend and business partner, Kynan’s an awesome secondary character, the voice of reason and an angel on the shoulder.  A dirty angel.  This is an absolutely fabulous read.  I cannot wait for more!

I’m giving “Wicked Favor” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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