REVIEW: “Sex Ed” by ZB Heller

“Sex Ed” is a side-splitting, slow-burn, geekery-filled, tender m/m romance that ZB Heller pulls off with ease.  My favorite heroes are adorably geeky, comic book loving, eyeglass-wearing, klutzes, especially in Romantic Comedies.  “Sex Ed” is wildly inappropriately hilarity but with a huge romantic heart.  Jaxson Dane’s a twenty-three year-old virgin in a family filled with sexually open individuals.  He didn’t come out of the closet his mother shoved him while his gay adopted uncles apologized for the dramatics.  His twin sister’s ridiculously outgoing and always speaks for him allowing him to fade into his quiet shy shell.  Tyler Mason’s a Texas transplant moving to town to take custody of his nephew.  It’s a learning curve with many minefields to crawl through.  He didn’t expect an adorable bespectacled geek with a sex toy stuck to his penis to stumble into his ER.

Jaxson Dane secret desire’s to become a comic book artist.  It’ll never come true because the only person who’s seen his work is his cousin Ethan.  After a phone call with Ethan Jax hears fraternity guys in the background which inspires some “spank bank” time.  Jaxson decides to use a new toy he heard about online “The Jackhammer”.  It works really well until it doesn’t.  He calls Ethan for help and Jaxson’s twin sister shows up before they make the trip to the ER.  If informing the front desk what his issue is isn’t humiliating enough getting into the open backed robe is.  That is until the hunky male nurse with shamrock colored eyes walks in.  Which renders Jaxson unable to utter intelligible sentences without stuttering.  Nurse Tyler, also causes Jaxson’s trapped penis to re-engorge which in turn causes Jaxson’s blood pressure to go sky high.

Luckily Jax passes out before he goes into surgery.  As he’s coming out of the anesthesia Tyler finds the nonsensical things Jaxson says adorable.  In fact Tyler thinks Jaxson’s Sexy Geek style cute as a button.  But his life is a mess and he’ll never see him again once Jaxson leaves the ER.  However Jaxson’s mother, Moxie, is a Meddler-Supreme with contacts.  She’s not happy that her baby boy went to the ER with a ruptured wanker without calling her.  But she does hear about a certain hunky ER nurse.  Coincidentally he works at the same hospital where her best friend, and Ethan’s father is the Head of Obstetrics.  So a few days later Jaxson finds himself sitting next to Tyler at his insane family’s Dinner Night.  Unfortunately, his Uncle Ryan decides to announce to the entire room that Jaxson is still a virgin.

It’s actually Tyler who goes after Jaxson to talk to him in his time of complete mortification.  Tyler suggests they escape to get pizza somewhere neutral.  They end up talking about a lot of things.  Jaxson confesses he’s still a virgin because he’s someone he’s ever felt was special enough to have sex with.  There’s a lot of sexual tension.  Both Tyler and Jaxson are drawn to each other and have some close call kisses but no follow through.  One of Jaxson’s co-workers suggests they go to a club to see if Jaxson can get lucky.  Within minutes of getting there Jaxson’s drink gets drugged.  Just as he’s getting led away Tyler comes to Jaxson’s rescue.  Luckily Jaxson’s twin sister, Sophie, invited Tyler to join them.  On the dance floor a mysterious dancer presses up behind Jaxson.  He puts his lips against Jaxson’s neck whispering sexy words to him.

Too bad Jaxson doesn’t remember any of it the next morning; much to Tyler’s dismay.  Tyler’s having discipline trouble with his nephew and trying to settle into the role of uncle/father-figure/guardian is difficult.  Adding a budding relationship might be too much.  However he can’t deny his irresistible attraction to Jaxson.  Tyler breaks down and accepts a dinner invitation for a home-cooked meal at Jaxson’s.  One thing leads to another and a make-out session ensues.  Unfortunately it’s interrupted by an emergency phone call from Tyler’s mother informing him that his nephew Colton’s missing.  Hoping that his and Jaxson’s relationship would get more serious, Tyler wanted more time before telling Jaxson about his nephew.  But Tyler decides to ask Jaxson to join him on his Family Emergency.  Tyler explains how and why he’s Colton’s guardian and why he felt he needed to hesitate before starting a relationship.

When Tyler came to dinner Jaxson showed him some of his artwork which blew Tyler away.  Jaxson’s talent amazes him.  In an effort to share his interest and get to know Colton Jaxon invites them to the Chicago Comic Con.  Jaxson takes Colton around to look at Manga items.  In the meantime Jax’s co-workers point out to Tyler that Jaxson’s comic book artist idol is in a nearby booth.  They tell Tyler that Jax was too shy to get the artist’s autograph.  Tyler takes the opportunity to get in line and speak to the artist about Jaxson’s artwork.  He shows him a picture of the artwork Jaxson gave him he has on his phone.  The artist asks for Jax’s name and number to call him and hook him up with his publisher.  He believes Jaxon’s extremely talented.

Tyler decides not to tell Jaxson about his talk with the famous artist art in case nothing comes from it.  He does get Jax an autographed comic book.  Jax’s extremely grateful and wants Tyler to show him how to express his gratitude physically.  They find a semi-hidden area for Jaxson’s first Sex Ed lesson.  After that Tyler and Jax fall into a boyfriend/boyfriend relationship; although Jax doesn’t refer to it as such.  Jax gets a call from his comic book artist idol and learns about his and Tyler’s talk.  He also discovers Tyler showed him the artwork Jaxson keeps private from almost everyone.  Jaxson’s angry because he feels that Tyler went behind his back and shared something personal with a stranger.  Tyler pushes back that Jaxson’s too scared and insecure to try to be successful he’s afraid of rejection.  He says it’s the reason Jaxson won’t call him his boyfriend.

Jaxson thinks Tyler wants him to have drive and be successful.  He doesn’t accept him just as he is.  He maintains he’s not good enough for Tyler.  He’s just a shy, quiet geek who works in a comic book store.  So Jaxson walks out and doesn’t return Tyler’s, nor Colton’s, calls and texts.

Jaxson and Tyler are one of the most freaking adorable couples I’ve ever read.  “Sex Ed” is such a fun book to read I’d like to go back and read ZB Heller’s backlist.  From “Chronicles of Moxie”, its follow-up, then “Tied Together” and its follow up through to “Sex Ed”.  If you like Tara Sivec’s Chocoholics Series you definitely need to read these books!  Tyler and Jaxson are a fabulously adorable and romantically smitten duo.  “Sex Ed” is simply irresistible!

I’m giving “Sex Ed” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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