REVIEW: “All or Nothing At All” by Jennifer Probst

Jennifer Probst ends her Billionaire Builders series on the perfect novel, “All or Nothing At All”.  This novel focuses on former lovers Tristan Pierce and Sydney Greene.  This book has everything:  flashbacks, humor, angst, hot sex, and a soul satisfying Happily Ever After.  Surprisingly here is also a lot of the late Mrs. Pierce, the brother’s mother. in flashback mode, of course.  Tristan’s stubborn and OCD as always but he breaks down and becomes an hot-blooded romantic.  Driven to win back the only woman, other than his mother, he ever truly loved.  Sydney’s determined to not fall into the Romance Trap with Tristan.  She has too many secrets and the threat of heartbreak is too great to go through again.  Becca is an energetic six/seven year-old girl and is the crux of the matter.  Cal and Dalton, and their women appear throughout as well as Ladies Poker Night.

Sydney’s been working for the Pierce family since she was sixteen years-old.  Now Sydney wants a bigger role in the construction company and makes her play for the CFO position.  The decision’s unanimous except that Tristan voted ‘yes’ begrudgingly.  Part of the problem is a condition in Sydney’s taking the position.  The caveat is that she head up a huge deal with a Manhattan Realtor.  They’re working together to remodel several houses to flip.  The deal’s a big one and the flipping side of the business is Tristan’s.  After avoiding and ignoring each other for over a year they’ll now have to work together closely.  Not only does Tristan avoid Sydney but he also doesn’t acknowledge her daughter.  Even though his brothers are honorary ‘uncles’ to the little girl.  With Sydney’s new role and working closely with Tristan all of the old emotions and undeniable attraction between them reawakens.

Sydney fell in love with Tristan when she was eight years old.  Unfortunately it took Tristan about eleven years to notice Sydney’s more than just a pesky kid.  She was raised by her grandparents but is drawn into the Pierce clan and is considered part of the family.  Tristan’s mother, Diane, was like a mother to her and knew about her feelings for Tristan.  Diane either suspected or knew about Sydney and Tristan’s secret love affair.  Both characters miss their common ally, and both have their own memories of her words of wisdom and love.  Around the time of Diane’s death, the entire family was in meltdown mode due to the scandal.  Therefore Tristan decides to leave their small town to start over.  He wants to break-away from his father’s edicts and find his success in Manhattan.  He asks Sydney but for a couple of reasons she rejects his invitation.

Now Tristan is back and has no plans to leave his small town again.  He realizes he wants Sydney back in his life.  Tristan’s been resentful of her for over five years because she got married about three months after they broke up.  Part of his issue with Becca is she represents Sydney’s ex-husband.  However with some unexpected quality time between Becca and Tristan gives the some common things to bond over.  Sydney decides she needs to reveal her secrets to Tristan before their relationship gets deeper.  Unfortunately Tristan’s reaction to her confession is worse and different that she anticipated.  For Tristan he can no longer trust let alone allow himself to love Sydney ever again.  However, the closest thing to a ‘win-win’ is a twisted dream come true.  Which will certainly become a nightmare.

“All or Nothing At All” is moving, heartwarming, funny, and sexy.  What makes this novel stand out, to me, above the other series books are the shared flashbacks of Diane Pierce.  In the previous installment there are Diane-centric flashbacks as well but those focused solely on her and Dalton Pierce.  The flashbacks in this story, via Sydney, show some snapshots of daily family life in the Pierce household.  Sydney’s an interesting source since she loved Christian Pierce, the brothers’ father as well.  Therefore we see a slightly less bitter side of him.  The previous main characters of the series all appear and play important roles; no fly-by cameos here.  The pace is steady and moves along well and the storyline is compelling and engaging.  Tristan and Sydney are intriguing, likable, and understandable.  “All or Nothing At All” is a wonderful way to end Kristen Proby’s fabulous Billionaire Builder series!

I’m giving “All or Nothing At All” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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