REVIEW: “Almost Elinor” by Gina Robinson

“Almost Elinor” is sweet, fun, thrilling, and wonderfully romantic.  This is the second installment in Gina Robinson’s Jet City Kilt series and is NOT a stand alone book.  “Almost Elinor” continues following the adventures of Austin MacDougall and Blair Edwards from “Almost Jamie”.  The couple met at Comic Con while coincidentally dressed as the Hero and Heroine of the popular Highlander show “Jamie”.  Austin chose the costume due to his resemblance to the shows Scottish lead actor.  Their instant attraction and their splashy Meet/Cute at the Comic Con has made them media darlings.  It also jumpstarted their romance onto the fast track.  “Almost Elinor” showcases progress of their romance as well as well as hair-raising threats and their enemies attempts at sabotage.  The speedbumps come as personal and professional vendettas.  There are threats which are seemingly innocent and anonymous to their love lives as well as more serious and personal.

The excitement factor is amped up with lots of life threatening events especially for Blair.  Austin and Blair’s romance goes from interest to pretend to the real deal.  We see Austin’s friends are accepting and including her in their lives.  Also Blair’s beloved aunt Beth adores Austin.  Meanwhile the friendship that Austin formed with the lead actor of the show “Jamie” is going strong.  In fact the show wants to use the couple in their official production promotions including flying them out to Scotland.  While the couple finds happiness in a genuine romantic relationship they find more things trying to hamper their success.

Austin’s main problems rest on the head of his nemesis Randy who’s become his supervisor at work.  Randy seems as though ruining Austin’s personal and professional live is more his career than cyber security.  He throw’s former romantic interests at Austin to disrupt his job and relationship with Blair.  Austin is also finding his work anonymously sabotaged.  Blair’s work at the cancer clinic is taking advantage of her notoriety using use her and Austin for fundraising purposes.  It’s at these engagements that Blair notices suspicious goings-on with one of her fellow doctors.  This doctor happens to be the wife of the clinics chief benefactors and fundraisers.  A couple of UK based blasts from Blair’s past pop-up.  Unfortunately one is her ex-boyfriend who unexpectedly has ties to the show “Jamie”.

I’m really enjoying this Jet City Kilt series.  The books are quick and amusing reads filled with charming characters, sweet romance and some really unexpected thrills.  “Almost Elinor” is the second installment in this series and you need to read all of the books in order.  It’s THAT kind of series – FYI.  Gina Robinson is a new to me author that I’m quite delighted to have found.

I’m giving “Almost Elinor” 4 Lightning Bolts and Sunny Skies.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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