REVIEW: “Almost Jamie” by Gina Robinson

A ginger haired cosplaying geek in a kilt … now that’s what I’m talking about!  “Almost Jamie” is a sweet first installment in Gina Robinson’s The Jet City Kilt series.  This series focuses on app designer Austin MacDougall and physician Blair Edwards.  These two characters are romantics believing in true love and soul mates.  Austin and Blair are brought together by fate and tied together because of their choices of Comic Con costuming.  Austin resembles the star of a period Highlander TV show while Blair’s a longtime fan of the books and show.  Blair dresses as the shows Heroine while Austin as the kilt wearing warrior.  They get a lot of attention from the TV shows stars, fans, and media.  This leads to them to temporarily pretend to be romantically involved.  Blair’s recently broke-up with a longtime boyfriend while Austin’s on the hunt for the perfect woman to love.

Blair Edwards lost her parents when she was a very young child.  She heard stories of their Love at First Sight romance all of her life.  Blair was raised by her beloved aunt who she ended up tending to during a cancer crisis.  She’s in England during a crossroads in her life.  Blair needs to decide whether to take a job in England and remain with her lukewarm long-term long-distance boyfriend.  Or take an exciting job in her hometown and give up on the years long romance.  Blair knows she is settling and wants the all encompassing whirlwind passion her parents had.  Fate makes the decision for her requiring her to return to the US for an emergency.

Weeks later Blair finds herself at Comic Con; hoping to meet the star of her favorite TV and book series.  To help get herself noticed during the panel, she dresses in costume as the Heroine, Elinor.  This is Blair’s first Comic Con experience and she meets an aggressive and annoying Comic Conner.  Luckily she’s rescued by a nice guy.  He’s on his way to help his buddy who’s wounded during a sword fighting exposition.  Blair offers her medical expertise and is shocked to see her patient’s an almost perfect replica of her fictional boyfriend.  The sparks are flying for Austin as well as he feels an instant attraction and connection to Blair.  Austin wants to pursue Blair and hopes it leads somewhere permanent.  However Blair mentions her recent break-up and Austin realizes he needs to take things slow.

The night before Comic Con begins Austin and his three friends meet the star of the show “Jamie”, Conner Reid.  Conner deems Austin to be his “American Twin”.  The men bond over drinks, accents, and kilt tricks which earns them coveted VIP tickets to the “Jamie” panel.  Austin and his friends are torn since their original plan is to meet Stan Lee.  Attending Conner’s panel will interfere with obtaining premium spots in Stan Lee’s long line.  After Austin meets Blair meeting Stan Lee isn’t important so he sticks with her and the two TV stars.  Between the intense attraction between Austin and Blair and their uncanny resemblances to the actors a grassroots Fandom grows.  Local media stirs the pot getting fans to root for their romance.  Both Austin and Blair are intrigued to see where things lead.  But the attention causes threads to unravel in their personal and professional lives.

Gina Robinson is a new to me author.  I tried her out because I’m a sucker for cosplaying geek Heroes and Comic Con.  This first installment to the Jet City Kilt series has me hooked on this sweet series.  “Almost Jaime” isn’t a stand alone book but part of a multi-book serial focusing on Blair and Austin.  Gina Robinson has stacked the deck against this duo with nemeses, ex-boyfriends, a fickle fan base, and unhealthy relatives.  “Almost Jamie” features secondary characters who appeared in the Billionaire Matchmaker series.  You can see there’s lots backstory between the characters but not enough to make you feel lost.  I’m definitely hooked and I’m looking forward to see what’s coming next.  Next up “Almost Elinor”.

I’m giving “Almost Jamie” 4 Lightning Bolts and Sunny Skies.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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