REVIEW: “The Brightest Sunset” by Aly Martinez

Wow!  The conclusion to Aly Martinez’s Darkest Sunrise Duet is incredibly perfect!  “The Brightest Sunset” takes you on a wild ride of elation, devastation, doubt, heartbreak, and Love.  Aly Martinez throws in some incredibly twisty zigs and zags that keep you reeling throughout.  In what could be an easy HEA she tosses out speed bumps and racing locomotives to thwart Char and Porter.  Ultimate leaving you with your heart in your throat.  Porter Reese is a fantastic Book Boyfriend and if he exists in real life he’s truly a unicorn.  Charlotte Mills gets it together in this book.  She gathers up all of her doubt and fears and rearranges them into strength and courage.  In addition to finding her son she finds her backbone.  Aly Martinez rings every drop of emotion out of this book and leaves you spent.  Bottom-line this Romance is all about Trust, Fate, and Pure Love.

The storyline’s absolutely riveting and the storyline pace is steady and brisk.  Porter and Char are wonderfully level-headed quickly finding their way back together against a variety of obstacles.  The most complex character is the least likable.  The fact that you can hate him and sympathize with him showcases Aly Martinez’s talent.  Travis is a great character; skillfully written as a viable and believable ten year-old boy.  Not too old, not too young, not too wise for his years.  A perfectly written kid.  Char’s best friend Rita’s back, briefly, and Fabulous as before!  Porter’s brother Tanner’s prevalent being his loyal, protective yet still devilishly charming self.  Romance is King; but the everyday and noble sort.  Char and Porter shore each other up.  Bolstering each other up against whatever or whoever “Darkness”-of-the-day-or-hour, is there to battle.  The Darkest Sunrise Duet is an absolute MUST READ!

I’m giving “The Brightest Sunset” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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