REVIEW: “The Darkest Sunrise” by Aly Martinez

“The Darkest Sunrise” is a heart-wrenching romance between two broken people having suffered incompressible tragedies and finding their matching half.  Aly Martinez lassos all of the stars with this book and creates magic!  The Hero and the Heroine, are perfect in their vulnerabilities and their fight to survive their grief, anger, and guilt.  Porter is a fabulous hero strong, awkward, funny, smart, and sexy. Charlotte is the definition of grief-stricken and the ease in which she blossoms in Porter’s presence is beautiful.  The dialog is witty, the storyline is rich and compelling, and the characters are amazing!  “The Darkest Sunrise” is the first book in a duet so there is a CLIFFHANGER.  Luckily “The Brightest Sunset” is releasing shortly so there’s no long wait time.

Charlotte Mills was in med school when she got pregnant from a one-night stand.  She gave birth to a son who was diagnosed as needing a heart transplant while only a few months old.  One day at the park a child required medical assistance and Charlotte uses her medical training and saves the child.  When she turns to the stroller she finds it and her baby missing.  Ten years later and there’s no resolution or leads.  Charlotte is an exceptional pulmonologist but she’s a loner and avoids children at all costs.  One of her few friends is her office manager Rita and her partner Rita’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Jack.  Charlotte has a bad week.  The tenth anniversary of her son’s birth coinciding with her practices company picnic for patients and employees and their families.  Due to a last minute schedule change she’s must attend and endure her partner’s pediatric patients.

Porter Reese’s a single father to two children.  His son has increasingly worsening respiratory issues and Porter’s at his wits end.  He’s desperate; he’s taken his son to every pulmonologist in town and his boy’s condition continues to deteriorate.  There’s one pulmonologist who he hasn’t been able to get his son to see.  She’s the best but refuses to take any pediatric patients, Dr. Charlotte Mills.  Porter gets a break he learns the doctor’s practice is having a function but is without a caterer.  He happens to own a couple of restaurants with his celebrity chef brother.  He offers their services for an opportunity to speak to Dr. Mills and convince her to treat his son.  Porter and Charlotte have a great Meet/Cute and a super strong attraction.  Their attraction is so strong Porter delays telling Charlotte about his son in lieu of getting a date with her.

After two fantastic dates Charlotte learns Porter wanted to meet her to get her to treat his son.  She believes he’s pretending to want to date her to get his way.  Porter explains he initially wanted to meet her for that reason.  However once he met her he saw the same torment and darkness in her as he has in himself.  Porter tells Charlotte his wife committed suicide by driving her car over a bridge with their children in the vehicle.  His wife not only wanted to kill herself but was determined to kill their son as well.  Porter believes he might’ve killed his wife when he was fighting her while she was trying to drown the boy.  It’s the fact that his wife held their son under the water that led to his near fatal respiratory conditions.

Charlotte hears Porters story and realizes the darkness and emotionlessness inside him almost matches her own.  And it begins to make sense why she feels whole and that her tormented world stops when he’s with her.  When their together they can face the darkness together.  Unfortunately because Porter’s a father their relationship can’t go anywhere.  Because no matter if a child is a boy or a girl to Charlotte they’re always her son.  Porter understands and both are miserable without the other.  Even though Charlotte won’t treat Porter’s son she arranges for two of the country’s best pulmonologists to treat him.  Charlotte finds herself tormenting herself by continuing to reach for straws.  She realizes the only way she can feel peace is in Porter’s presence.  Porter and Charlotte reunite even though they have no solution for how they’ll deal with Porter’s children in the mix.

Charlotte’s gets the news she always thought would set her free but at the same time also dreaded and feared.  However things aren’t as they appear and everything changes, for Charlotte and Porter in within hours.

“The Darkest Sunrise” is a hauntingly beautiful romance and is wonderfully engrossing.  Aly Martinez creates characters that absolutely shine.  This storyline is compelling and addictive.  The first book of this duet is seemingly perfect touching, romantic, sexy, and entertaining.  Charlotte and Porter are brilliantly written; their funny, sympathetic, and intensely strong.  The two stand out secondary characters are the hero’s brother Tanner and the Heroine’s best friend Rita.  Honorable mentions go to the Heroine’s mother and long time friend and police detective Tom.  Once you pick this book up it’s almost impossible to put down until you read the last page.

I’m giving “The Darkest Sunrise” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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