REVIEW: “Eyes On You” by Laura Kaye

“Eyes On You” is a whirlwind of a exhibitionism romantic novella set in Laura Kaye’s Blasphemy series.  The Hero and Heroine are dynamic and engaging from Page One and have magnetism to spare.  Hawk Henrikson is one of the twelve Master Doms and part owner of the Blasphemy sex club.  He happens to be in a hotel restaurant to meet a prospective sub but the woman cancels on him.  Olivia Foster is at the same restaurant on the date from Hell with an unreasonable and obnoxious date.  Wolf and Olivia bump into each other near the restrooms and he offers to get her out of the date.  Olivia’s too nice to accept his offer.  Wolf’s not only charmed by Olivia during their brief conversation but he can tell she’s a natural submissive.  And he believes she just might like the same kinks as he.

Olivia’s date doesn’t get any better.  Finally Mr. Obnoxious crosses a line and Wolf springs into action.  His rescue includes a move which makes him even more certain Olivia might be his perfect match.  Obviously they’re both physically attracted to each other.  Olivia does something out of character and accepts Wolf’s invitation to his hotel room.  She’s always been curious about exhibitionism; in fact her favorite porn is that kink.  However her ex-fiancé made her feel abnormal when she asked him to try it with her.  She’s left the unfaithful ex but her insecurities about her secret desire remain.  Wolf tells Olivia he can tell that the idea of Extreme Public Displays of Affection excite her.  Especially combined with the thrill of getting caught.  He tells her he’s into that as well.  The invitation for sex against the window of his hotel room and her attraction to Wolf is irresistible.

During the evening, between bouts of incredible sex, Wolf tells Olivia that he’s a Dom and about Blasphemy.  He tells her that she’s a natural submissive and explains what that means.  Olivia is relieved that her desire to have sex in public places isn’t weird or unusual.  As the evening progresses Wolf and Olivia know their attraction is stronger than just a one-night thing.  And both want to see where their chemistry and romantic future leads especially after an evening of play at Blasphemy.

Laura Kaye’s novella, “Eyes on You” is quick moving and a sexual thrill a minute.  There are cameos from the series in the story as well.  Both characters know what they want and go after it.  Thankfully Olivia, although uneducated in BDSM is open-minded enough to not have high angst about the lifestyle.  I hate when Heroines get the screaming meemies over the acronym BDSM let alone the prospect of a sex club.  Wolf is a charming BDSM Hero who’s low key in his Alpha dominance.  Olivia is funny, likable, and comes across as natural.  High praise!  “Eyes On You” works perfectly and every second is pleasurable reading time.

I’m giving “Eyes On You” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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