REVIEW: “Fractured Love” by Ella James

“Fractured Love” is a phenomenal romance, actually it’s almost two romances as the book is divided into two parts.  The first half of the book focuses on the main characters when they first fell in love at sixteen years-old.  Part Two takes place ten years later when they meet again.  Both Landon, and Evie, are engaging, charming, and intriguing.  Since Landon’s the Foster child his backstory’s of course more.  At the second half Landon has even more of an intriguing story and Evie has developed quite the history herself.  Evie and Landon’s romance begins as sixteen years-old and Ella James does an amazing job making it riveting.  As the series declares their love is Off Limits and their separation is heart-breaking.  When they reunite there’re so many questions, surprising answers, and devastating realizations.  I absolutely LOVE this installment in Ella James’ Off Limit series.  “Fractured Love” is completely perfect.

Ev Rutherford is an average teenager living with two parents, who are both doctors and a little sister.  Her parents foster children in their home and they’re anticipating the arrival of a young boy her younger sister’s age.  Ev’s first surprise is the very handsome new boy who arrives in her homeroom.  She and Landon run into each other a few times during the day.  They learn after school, he’s her new foster brother.  Apparently there was a mix up with his paperwork and his age was listed as seven rather than seventeen.  However Ev’s family welcomes Landon with open arms and he becomes a part of the family.  Evie and Landon become fast friends and inseparable but their attraction becomes more intense.  It frightens Landon because he knows messing around with your Foster sister is a sure way to lose a great family.

Evie and Landon’s draw toward each other is too powerful to ignore and they succumb to their feelings.  Landon and Evie complete each other and neither feels comfortable without the other nearby.  Their presence comforts the other.  One night they aren’t careful and Evie’s mother discovers them and Landon is literally dragged out of the house.  Landon is returned into the system.

Ten years later and the dreams they had for their professional futures have come true.  And they find themselves at the same hospital.  Unfortunately they are awkward around each other when they first see each other.  However, it’s impossible for them to not connect and almost immediately they are as close as they were before.  Just like when they were teenagers though in their careers their relationship is still off-limits.  In many ways they easily fell back into where they were in their relationship at sixteen years-old.  Only now Ev has secrets she’s afraid to share because confessing them may cost her a future with Landon.  Evie’s convinced if he finds out she’ll lose him forever.  Landon has a couple of secrets as well that torment his dreams even now.

In my opinion “Fractured Love” is the best book in Ella James’ Off Limits Series so far.  Every book in the series has sympathetic heroes and heroines and each of their flaws are hauntingly beautiful.  I devoured this book in one sitting as it’s compelling, engrossing, and endearing.  “Fractured Love” was a joy for me to read; more than I anticipated enjoying it.  I recommend you read it wholeheartedly!

I’m giving “Fractured Love” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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