REVIEW: “All I Need” by Callie Harper

Callie Harper ends her All In series with the mysterious and wonderfully kinky hero of Ian Douglas.  Ian’s the fourth friend in the group who as young boys stole a boat for an ill-fated joyride.  Of the four friends Ian’s the only one who was physically maimed during the horrific boating accident.  Bound to a wheelchair he’s hidden himself away in a decrepit Scottish manor.  His father’s tired of Ian being a bitter and drunken lay-about and gives Ian an ultimatum.  He hires a caretaker, Annie, a young woman optimistic to a fault and to Ian’s delight is still a virgin.  She takes the job in order to earn a lot of money in a short period of time.  She wants to get out from under her familial responsibilities.  Eventually getting into graphic design once she earns enough money to move to Edinburgh.

Annie is a passive character who does a lot to change Ian without a lot of outward effort.  She’s kind, caring, and smart but her inexperience makes her insecure, easily taken advantage of, and tentative.  In the end, or middle, she is strong enough to take herself out of Ian’s orbit for her own good.  She flourishes but much of that gumption was do to some of the bravery that Ian brought out in her.  Ian starts the book as bitter, drugged, drunk, and cruel but mellows due to Annie.  He finds her Mary Poppins-like cheerfulness and work ethic annoying.  But for some reason there is something about her that makes him want to improve himself.  It’s because of her *rah rah influence* that Ian has a major set-back.  This set-back is the impetus which sends Annie running and makes Ian to decide to Fight or Forfeit.

Ian has the potential to be delightfully kinky due to his aversion to become emotionally attached to anyone.  He has a history with women, add his wealth, and *middle-of-nowhere-living-situation* giving him the means to be a major kinkster.  With Annie’s mid-twenties virginity there is a lot of opportunity for Sexy Fun Times.  However, Ian falls rather fast for Annie and he doesn’t have experience with boy/girl romantic relationships.  Therefore things don’t go much further than serious foreplay for the first 3/4 of the book.  The reasoning is perfectly understandable and justifiable however I felt teased for so long.  “All I Need” is a sweet and romantic story that just lacks some *oomph*.  The storyline is mellow and lacks the thrills and tension of the previous books.  I had rather high hopes for “All I Need” and surprisingly Callie Hutton didn’t pull it out this time.

I’m giving “All I Need” 3 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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