REVIEW: “Puck Aholic” by Lili Valente

Warning:  “Puck Aholic” has an absolutely swoony hockey hero who’s sweet, honorable, and will cause vajayjay spontaneous combustion.  Lili Valente’s latest addition to her Bad Motherpucker series’s addictive and pure sexy fun featuring the absolutely adorable Tanner Nowicki.  Tanner’s a great hero having grown up in a household of females after his father left.  He knows how to treat women well although there’s still a lot he has to learn.  The Heroine, Diana Daniels, starts out a little difficult for me to warm up to but she straightens up quickly.  She has the worst dating track record with only one decent guy who loved her and she screwed it up.  Diana believes her ex was her one true love and she’s straight up out of luck now.  But the longer she hangs around Tanner the more she sees that perhaps all men aren’t jerks, douches, and losers.

Tanner and Diana meet at the Badgers hockey team beach party.  They both happen to be aiding and abetting their friend, or sibling, set up the perfect proposal.  Both are down on love at this point.  But once they meet and start their unique brand of strange and wonderful banter their lips lock.  Things only go as far as a heavy-duty make-out session and they believe they’ll never see each other again.  However Tanner learns his Killer Mermaid Beach Pixie’s actually his team captain’s sister who’s needs to rent a room.  Tanner agreed to the arrangement before laying eyes on woman.  Diana’s also shocked to learn she’s sharing a house with the hot guy she made-out with the day before.  She agrees while secretly planning to move out as soon as possible once she gets a job.

However, her job prospects are lean and people are mean.  Despite the first few misunderstandings between her and Tanner he becomes her support and cheerleader.  Diana and Tanner’s sexual chemistry is undeniable.  Soon they succumb to temptation and do the dance with no pants.  Their physical relationship must be kept a secret or Tanner will experience Death by Hockey Stick.  For Diana the relationship is strictly sex only; she’s sworn off believing in romantic feelings.  Love doesn’t work for her and has the dating horror stories to prove it.  However Diana does have the guy that got away as proof there’s one decent guy who was interested in her.  Unfortunately he got away and is engaged to a gorgeous woman.

For Tanner it’s a matter of time until Diana realizes they have feelings for each other.  And he’s not planning on going anywhere.  They are each other’s future.  Unfortunately Diana’s ex shows up in her again and throws everything she has started to believe into the blender.  The result is an unappealing poopie smoothie and Diana becomes emotionally stunted again.

As usual Lili Valente does not disappoint and her Bad Motherpucker series is flawless.  “Puck Aholic” gives the reader more ice time with the Badgers hockey team and more players.  We meet a lovely Russian teammate, Petrov.  He dispenses cynical love advice and serves as Tanner’s best friend.  Diana has a phone-phobic friend who is an out-of-towner but moves to town before the book ends.  I can’t forget to mention Wanda the pet pig.  She actually belongs to Tanner’s sister who’s in the military and based overseas.  Wanda has mood swings and can be rather ornery.  Lili Valente utilizes an epistolary technique in “Puck Aholic” with Skype conversations, phone calls, and texting.  This book is a whole lot of fun, extremely sexy, and moving as well.  I CANNOT wait for Petrov’s book coming up next.  Bad Motherpuckers is a series you should not miss!

I’m giving “Puck Aholic” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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