REVIEW: “To Seduce a Lady’s Heart” by Ingrid Hahn

“To Seduce a Lady’s Heart” is the third installment of the Landon Sisters series.  Though neither of the main characters are a Landon Sister.  Ingrid Hahn features the new Landon heir Lord Jeremy Landon, Earl of Bennington.  He’s controlling, methodical, and has tirelessly worked to restore the Landon family reputation over the last decade.  Jeremy’s paying off each debt accumulated by his predecessor no matter how large or small.  He wants no more scandal in his life.  However the last debt brings him into the orbit of Lady Eliza Burke a fierce, independent, and self-rescuing woman.  She’s hiding a few scandals of her own and champions those weaker than herself.  Jeremy believes Eliza’s mother is a force of nature until he gets to know his mysterious soon-to-be wife.  They initially face-off via letters but when they meet the enmity falls away and the attraction is powerful and instantaneous.

Lord Jeremy Landon inherited the title of Earl of Bennington almost a decade ago.  His uncle the previous Earl also left him a mountain of debts and a scandalous reputation to clean up.  The last debt to repay is impossible.  He hasn’t been able to locate the jewel to return to the widow Lady Rushworth.  Jeremy’s attempted to pay what he can only imagine the gem’s worth without any clue as to what it was.  However the woman rebuffs his every attempt.  When he meets her in person she tells him instead of money she wishes him to marry her ward.  Jeremy refuses until he no recourse and must marry a woman he’s never met.  But he starts receiving angry letters accusing him of not being a gentleman.  Apparently the woman he’s being made to marry is in love with another man.

Stormy letters are exchanged between he and a mysterious protector of a young girl’s sure-to-be-broken-heart.  There’s no time left and he must rely on the correspondent to inform him of his soon-to-be bride’s name.  The reply is Elizabeth Burke.  Eliza will do anything to save her cousin from a loveless marriage.  Christiana and her soldier have are only weeks away from the girl turning the legal age to wed.  Eliza’s mother never specified her ward’s name so she gives Lord Jeremy her own name.  Eliza, her cousin, and maid pack up, meet the Earl early to wed and immediately depart for the country.  Soon gossip follows and Eliza must confess to deceiving the Earl and opening him up to scandal.  That subterfuge is the easiest thing to confess.  Eliza has another secret or two she knows Jeremy needs to learn before their wedding night.

Finally Eliza confesses her secret shame to Jeremy and rather than blame and reject her he’s furious on her behalf.  Jeremy claims not to have a heart but he’s protective and kinder than the man who professed to love Eliza.  Once this secret is out of the way Jeremy can begin to reveal his secret sexual insatiability to his bride.  As well as his dirty talking kinky side.  However Eliza’s confession unleashes Jeremy’s tightly controlled temper and possessive side.  This opens him up to the possibility of more scandal to the Landon name.  In fact his carefully crafted self-control falls away and he risks murder and banishment to defend Eliza’s honor.  Unfortunately Eliza believes Jeremy’s actions are driven by his own temper and fear of scandal rather than love for her.

Ingrid Hahn provides a compelling and fabulous storyline.  The romance between Jeremy and Eliza is fabulous in it’s balance of power and it’s organic and powerful mutual attraction.  “To Seduce a Lady’s Heart” has an exceedingly riveting backstory for Eliza.  Jeremy’s a fascinating character when his rock-steady self-control slips and his temper and his sexual appetites could potentially be unleashed.  “To Seduce a Lady’s Heart” is easy to slip into an enjoy.  The storytelling has a steady pace and very engaging characters.  We meet the mysterious Landon sister Isabel and we see Lady Grace and her husband the Earl of Corbeau.  The second Landon sister gets a passing mention.  Ingrid Hahn keeps her readers on their toes with each installment of the Landon Sister series.

I’m giving “To Seduce a Lady’s Heart” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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