REVIEW: “Sin” by Emma Hart

Emma Hart brings the scathing witty sexy banter out strong in “Sin” the first book of the Vegas Nights series.  First of all a bar where the concept is books is GENIUS.  I’d go out clubbing again if there was a bar like that around me!  I digress.  “Sin” features a dangerously arrogant, relentless and charming hero, Damien Fox who’s carrying around dark family secrets.  Damien’s father’s determined they purchase the bar owned by Dahlia Lloyd for some reason.  They believes Dahlia will be a pushover since she was devastated by her father’s passing.  She disappeared for a few months.  She recently returned to Las Vegas upon leaning the Foxes have been relentless in their boy-out offers.  Her father warned her away from the Fox family while he was alive and she intends to heed his warning.  That’s until Damien walks into her bar.

From the moment Dahlia and Damien meet there are solar flare level sparks.  Their chemistry is fire, attraction, and 100% pure snark.  It’s GLORIOUS!  Damien’s relentless in his pursuit to purchase Dahlia’s family bar, The Scarlet Letter.  However once he meets Dahlia his true interest is in acquiring her.  Dahlia was warned by her father, years prior to his death, that the Fox family was one to avoid.  She has no intention or desire to sell her business and tells Damien that in stark, unflinching, and no-nonsense words.  However Damien will not stay away and Dahlia can’t resist even with everyone telling her to avoid him.  What starts out as questionable Business Dinners morphs into a friendship, of sorts; finally leading to sex.  The couple meet believing they are complete opposites but as the weeks progress their similarities outweigh their differences.

Dahlia learns that Damien isn’t what he initially appeared to be.  Damien’s actually sweet, funny, and caring.  Dahlia isn’t an emotional woman with just an MBA she is truly business savvy and stronger than Damien ever imagined.  Damien has no idea why his father wants Dahlia’s bar so badly.  They are extremely successful without it, but he does as he’s told.  As time goes on buying the bar moves to the back-burner while Damien enjoys the Dahlia’s company.  Damien doesn’t talk to people, especially women considering he’s in the stripper business.  Most women either want a job from him or his fortune.  Dahlia’s the first woman he finds to be not only beautiful but fascinating.

For Dahlia the past few months have been difficult.  Her father was diagnosed with cancer and was dead soon after.  She traveled to California for a few months in an attempt to get her head on straight.  She returns to Vegas when her best friend, and bar manager, inform her Damien Fox’s persistently going after her bar.  Dahlia’s never entertained the thought of selling the bar, The Scarlet Letter, her father opened in honor of her mother.  The bar’s theme of books is a nod to her mother’s love of reading.  Damien Fox does not take “no” for an answer, he doesn’t make requests, and he always gets what he wants.  Dahlia holds her own against the magnetic businessman.  Although she knows she should thwart his every request to meet she can’t and soon they’re practically inseparable.

The cast of characters is minimal.  In addition to Damian and Dahlia there’s her best friend Abby who is dry, straight-shooting, and brash.  Dahlia’s assistant manager is Fergus an almost stereotypically dramatic gay man.  However Fergus is a hoot and the combination of the rock solid Abby and the over-the-top Fergus is GOLD!  On Damien’s side the pickings are slim with his misogynistic, old-school Vegas father.  Damien’s backstory is rather tragic and deals with his mother and sisters.  Damien’s sister, Perrie, comes into the picture at the novel and she’s the focus of the next book.  Two other characters are Mia and  Rykman, from “Stripped Bare”, who’re mutual friends of Damian and Dahlia.  All of the characters are engaging and help keep you intrigued with the storyline.

“Sin” has a gripping storyline since both of the main characters are no strangers to tragedy.  In Damian’s case he’s still plagued by guilt and anger much of which is misplaced.  The fun of this romance lies in the rapport between the Hero and Heroine.  They are snarky, sarcastic, dirty talking, and cutting toward each other.  Their initial conversations are carefully crafted verbal swordplay which becomes foreplay.  Riling Dahlia up is Damian’s favorite hobby.  Even though there’s no doubt to the couple’s romantic destination the friendship they develop as a basis is fabulous.  Damien’s character growth is fantastic!  Emma Hart created an amazing beginning to her new Vegas Nights series.  I can’t wait for the next installment!


I’m giving “Sin” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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