REVIEW: “Train Wreck” by T. Gephart

“Train Wreck” wasn’t what I was expecting which is a very good thing.  The title leads you to believe that it’s a super deep and heavy book.  No so.  T. Gephart’s style’s rather light and breezy and the Hero and Heroine are intriguing as well as charming.  The storyline’s compelling and refreshingly the Heroine stays true to her artistic mediums of choice.  Whereas in other books she more than likely would’ve gone the “ink-and-skin” route.  Josh, the hero isn’t overly Alpha and not the stereotypical gruff and man-of-few-words tattoo artist.  He’s truly a gentleman with an honor code for dating.  Eve, the heroine’s intelligent, honorable, and driven to be the best and not afraid to work hard to get there.  The couple’s biggest hindrance is economical; she’s Upper West Side and he’s Queens.  However, they’re a perfect match because of their dedication to the quality and emotion of art.

The Hero and Heroine have an interesting introduction; the source of their introduction’s an amusing story.  Eve and Josh are immediately attracted to each other however they shove those feelings aside for the sake of professionalism.  Josh thinks Eve’s a little nuts asking him, a tattoo artist, to be her Artistic Yoda.  Considering Eve’s a Yale graduate with a major in Art Josh theorizes she can’t suck as badly as she believes.  The road to meeting Josh begins with a disastrous art exhibit.  This is followed by finding her boyfriend, in her apartment, receiving a blow job.  Ironically the blow job giver, Kitty, tells Eve about Josh.  Oddly Eve and Kitty quickly develop a genuine friendship.  Kitty had no idea Eve’s boyfriend was in a committed relationship.  Eve sees Kitty’s innocent in her ex’s seduction.  Plus Kitty displayed no loyalty to the man when they were caught in the act.

Eve has a major art exhibit and it goes down in flames.  The critics, across the board, are harsh and don’t mince words.  Things are so bad she’s given time off of work, as a gallery employee, due to the heinous exhibit fall-out.  When Eve arrives home she discovers her very-soon-to-be-ex on the receiving end of a blow job.  Eve kicks her ex out of her apartment but Kitty, the blow job giver, seems too scared to move.  Once Kitty no longer fears for her life she and Eve strike up a conversation about art.  This drives Kitty to show Eve what kind of art she likes.  The definitely not shy Kitty displays an entire back piece tattoo; a replica of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”.  Eve is awestruck by the detail and emotion that the tattoo artist was able to convey in that tattoo.

She decides she needs to meet this man and goes to his shop the next day.  Kitty told Eve that Josh was good-looking but apparently Kitty was holding back.  Josh mistakenly believes Eve’s a tattoo artist looking for a job but things  straighten out though they’re still murky.  In the end Eve states she wants to work for Josh and his partner, Dallas, for four weeks.  This will allow her to soak up as much knowledge and inspiration as Josh can provide.  Josh and Eve experience an immediate attraction.  But both set aside their lust in an effort to remain professional for the four weeks Josh is Eve’s boss.  However sexual tension and possessiveness come into play and Josh and Eve break down in confess to their mutual attraction.  Josh does inspire Eve and offers significant advice which leads to a new art style for Eve.

Things get tense following a massive scene involving Eve’s ex and the gallery owner she works for at an opening.  Eve and Josh are left reeling at what might happen next and whether or not there’s a future for them.

Since T. Gephart is a new-to-me author and I’m happy that I read this book. “Train Wreck” is light and fun with spicy sex scenes. The two scene stealing secondary characters are blow job Kitty and Dallas Josh’s best friend and tattoo shop partner.  There are serious moments regarding art and relationships but because the writing style’s so easy and entertaining it’s isn’t overly heavy.  The books pace is lively, the storyline is intriguing, and the characters are rich and compelling.  “Train Wreck” is definitely a smooth and enjoyable ride into Art and Romance.

I’m giving “Train Wreck” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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