REVIEW: “Trouble” by Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn’s “Trouble” is a phenomenal addition to the Bad Boys Homecoming series.  This book has a richly compelling storyline, complex main characters and satisfying sex scenes.  Avery Flynn features characters from her B-Squad series and thrilling elements of danger to spur on this Second Chance romance.  Leah Comacho’s the heroine with a history of trouble-making.  In high school she didn’t fit into a neat category she straddled Academia and Stoner.  Now Leah’s a successful businesswoman legally selling marijuana in Denver.  The hero’s Drew Jackson a by-the-book lawman; the son of well respected Catfish Creek residents.  Drew’s temporarily the town sheriff and plans to to take-off, within the week, to Fort Worth.  Unsurprisingly when Leah returns to town for her high school reunion trouble has found her and Drew has to help.  The couple’s romantic history still clings and they try to either get over it or enjoy it.

When Leah Camacho’s heading home for her high school reunion things get interesting at the car rental desk.  Apparently she’s a lucky customer winning a free upgrade to a Aston Martin sports car.  She quickly finds what looks like a child’s bauble, a large sparkly gem shaped gee-gaw.  But when she returns to turn it into the rental agency the doors are locked up for lunch.  Vowing to contact the company later she heads off to her reunion.  On the way there she picks up some company a large, aggressively driven pick-up truck is on her tail.  When Leah speeds into town out-going town sheriff Drew Jackson immediately “greets” her.  The FBI unexpectedly pops up informing them that the gem shaped bauble actually is a gem.  Fifteen karats to be specific.  Leah’s now Jewelry Thief Bait and Drew’s faux girlfriend to keep his “bodyguard” job under-the-radar.

Drew lost the election for town sheriff; apparently he’s too fair to win the voters respect.  But when his complete opposite ex-lover races into town with steroid studded thugs on her tail he has to help.  With Leah’s life in danger Drew vows to stick to her side until the FBI gets their man.  To assist in speeding things along Leah contacts the Security and Investigation company her brother Isaac works at, B-Squared.  So the criminals don’t get scared off from tailing Leah; Drew and she pretend to be together romantically.  Rather than Drew acting in his official capacity.  Drew commits to the role by canceling Leah’s hotel room and deciding to play house.  Things heat up quick in close quarters although both fight the romantic and sexual pull they once, and still, have.  Insecurities arise, past stories are revealed, and futures become muddy.

“Trouble” has wonderful twists, delightful heat, and an extremely likable hero and heroine.  The pace is perfect and the story is intriguing and humorous.  Avery Flynn checks every box ensuring this novel is one of the best stories in the Bad Boy Homecoming series.

I’m giving “Trouble” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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