REVIEW: “Whispered Prayers of a Girl” by Alex Grayson

“Whispered Prayers of a Girl” is a thoughtful romance with a Love at First Sight trope.  It features an emotionally damaged Hero and a Heroine just trying to keep it all together.  Alex Grayson’s novel is touching, gripping, and tear-jerking while providing a lovely and magnetic romance.  The Hero, Alexander, and heroine, Gwen, are both extremely engaging and sympathetic characters.  Gwen is a strong, hopeful, and kind Heroine who’s a widow with a daughter and son.  Her husband died unexpectedly which affected their daughter terribly leaving her with selective-mutism.  Alexander’s a widower who lost his wife and infant daughter in a car accident leaving him covered in burn scars.  Four years later Alexander’s still lost in grief but when he meets Gwen a quick and inexplicable attraction connects them.  Gwen’s children are nicely written they’re charming and sympathetic; neither too childish nor overly mature.

Gwen moves her family to a small town for a new start after the tragic death of her husband.  During a trip to the grocery store she meets a mysterious and reclusive citizen she feels an inexplicable draw to.  Gwen and her children find themselves stranded in a snowstorm Alexander begrudgingly comes to their aid.  Confined for a few days in Alexander’s home a strong tie binds Gwen and her children to Alexander.  Gwen’s daughter Kelsey, who’s only spoken twice since witnessing her father’s death, makes a significant connection with Alexander.  Kelsey and Alexander have the common bond of witnesses the people they love die and both carry intense survivors’ guilt.  Alexander’s torn by his desire for Gwen and her family stay yet not feeling worthy to be in their lives.  However once this connection is made between these four people it’s too powerful to ignore.

This is the worst time of the year for Alexander, the anniversary of the tragic accident.  Alexander’s guilt grips him without mercy and he cannot allow himself to properly grieve because of his self-blame.  Rationally he understands but his heart’s torn between self-punishment and wanting to find his happiness with Gwen and her children.  Alexander’s greatest fear is to find Love again but not being strong enough to keep those he loves safe.  Again.  He pushes Gwen and her little family away which ends up hurting everyone.  They’re unable to stay away but the tragic anniversary causes Alexander to push them away for good.  Gwen’s innate sense of goodness sends her to Alexander during his time of need.  Initially their bond is strengthened but Alexander’s fearful and he withdraws once again.  Tragedy strikes and everyone’s security, guilt, and worthiness is tested in the most intense of ways.

Alex Grayson keeps you riveted to “Whispered Prayers of a Girl” with an intriguing storyline and extremely engaging characters.  Both the Hero and Heroine have suffered terrible losses.  Even though the circumstances of the losses are different they are still gut-wrenching none the less.  The entire cast’s compelling by what their personalities bring to the story.  Also impressive is how their backstories link them to other characters in intensely meaningful ways.  Gwen’s son Daniel is an energetic scene stealer who’s big on personality.  Daniel’s all positive emotions, happiness, and cheerfulness.  He lights up all the dim corners.  Kelsey’s quiet suffering, pain, and guilt she’s Alexander’s other half and they see each other in themselves.  Alexander’s Strength and Despair; Hope and Longing.  Gwen’s Faith, Kindness, and Belief; she is a bottomless well of Promise that is everyone’s anchor.  These strong characters, fabulous instant connection and attraction builds an irresistible Romance.

I’m giving “Whispered Prayers of a Girl” 4 Lightning Bolts.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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