“Thieves 2 Lovers” by K. Webster and J. D. Hollyfield

It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to a series you’ve fallen in love with.  “Thieves 2 Lovers” is the perfectly finished novel in the 2 Lovers series.  WARNING:  You will need a handkerchief as well as a fresh spare pair of panties when reading this book.  It’s so worth it!  As with all of K. Webster and J. D. Hollyfield’s 2 Lovers books you’ll snort laughing, swoon, gasp, and cry.  This book especially jerks those tears.  Linc Carter is magnificent in his machismo as well as his vulnerabilities.  Reagan begins as a weak Heroine but with Linc’s love makes her happier and braver.  In fact, Linc helps Reagan delve more into what she wants sexually and opens many interesting and exciting doors.  There’s a couple of hilarious scenes involving Tumblr.  Also Reagan’s brother Roman and Linc have their recurring love/hate show going on which is wonderfully fun and irreverent.

Both Linc and Reagan have man trouble.  Reagan’s boyfriend Chase is rude, manipulative, and doesn’t make her happy.  Unfortunately Reagan’s so incredibly insecure that she won’t break-up with him because everyone in her family loves him.  So she will continue to be miserable in order to please her family and her unsatisfying and obnoxious boyfriend.  This frustrates Linc to no end but because he loves Reagan he lives with her choices.  Linc has his own problems.  A very dangerous and powerful man from Linc’s past has come after him from New Jersey.  It seems as though Linc was extremely cocky and ended up skimming some money from an Italian mobster.  Linc’s being tracked down and he’s trying to lay low however he manages to get into even more hot water.  Reagan’s working on preparing for her future-sister’s-in-law wedding festivities.  This helps distract from the havoc her boyfriend his creating.

Reagan’s boyfriend Chase is the ideal man for her as far as her family’s concerned.  He works for the family business, is a member of the country club, and dresses impeccably.  Unfortunately that’s all he has going for him.  Reagan is sexually unsatisfied because Chase is only interested in his own pleasure.  He’s generous with compliments to himself and the ones he gives Reagan are backhanded at best.  Chase is jealous of the close friendship she has with Linc.  Reagan and Linc are inseparable; “Thick as Thieves.”  Reagan won’t entertain the thought that someone as worldly and sexy as Linc would be interested in her.  Linc sees Reagan’s worth and himself for what he is, a petty criminal with no true career options.  He’s not good enough for her.  He doesn’t need her pain in the butt brother Roman, his step-brother-in-law, to tell him something he already knows.

However, their hearts win out and they get together but hide their relationship from everyone at least for a while.  Just like her brothers Reagan is sexually insatiable.  Luckily Linc is up to the task of introducing Reagan to a sexual world beyond ‘vanilla’.  Everything seems to fall apart at the same time.  Just as when everyone discovers Linc and Reagan’s relationship the mob catches up with Linc.  Unfortunately the lesson he ends up being taught his deadly.  Reagan isn’t immune from this danger either.

“Thieves 2 Lovers” is the perfect blend of Romance, Comedy, spicy Sex, and Thrills.  Just like the previous two books in the series this is a true Romantic/Comedy.  Linc and Reagan have fabulous best friend/lover chemistry and rapport.  Their banter is witty and rapid-fire.  Their move from best friends to lovers is sweet and loving.  Bottom-line every book in the 2 Lovers series is a jewel.  “Thieves 2 Lovers” gives the dedicated reader the satisfaction of having the previous heroes and heroines say their good-byes.  A nicely tied bow on this series finale.  The characters are engaging, the storyline is intriguing, and the pace is brisk and steady.  K. Webster and J. D. Hollyfield have a perfect series with their joint 2 Lovers series.  The entire series is a “One Click” in my opinion.

I’m giving “Thieves 2 Lovers” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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