REVIEW: “Dr. Neuro” by Max Monroe

“Dr. Neuro” is wild, witty, infectious (in a good way), and absolutely energizing!  Max Monroe creates an amazing whirlwind of a Heroine:  bright, intelligent, crazy optimistic and just plain fun.  Nick first appeared in the Billionaire Bad Boy series and finally comes into his own and earns his redemption.  Charlotte seems to mainly be “walking on sunshine” with her life finally all falling into place.  She’s back in the city she loves, meets hot, sexy doc, and a promising relationship lies before them.  Nick still feels he’s lacking after two years of committing to be a good dad for his daughter.  He attends every game, meet, and enjoys every weekend with her.  Other than work she’s his only social life.  But he still feels as though he’s not good enough.  He let his daughter, and her mother, down for seven years and he’s not sure he’ll ever redeem himself.

Charlotte is a medical “headhunter” and just moved back to her beloved New York.  She initially meets with Nick to persuade him to take a job in California.  He refuses but Char finds his reasoning to be valid plus his body and face insanely sexy.  So rather than push, she invites him to dinner.  Nick’s completely discombobulated by Charlotte; especially since he’s been out of the dating scene for so long.  His confusion is enhanced when he finds himself in a trivia tournament rather than a business dinner.  Charlotte’s a breath of fresh air; she’s witty, snarky, smart, and sexy.  Nick’s in over his head and that’s before the TV cameras start rolling.  His main priority is his daughter Lexi a precocious ten year old on the autism spectrum.  Everything he does is to make up for being an absentee father for the first seven years of her life.

Char and Nick’s relationship begins slowly with texts and phone calls.  And a lunch with the token mention of a job offer as an excuse to see each other.  Nick starts to break out a bit and actually dust off some flirting skills.  Quickly Nick and Char are tossing around the boyfriend/girlfriends words.  However before they can verbalize the love they can clearly see they have for each other a terrible realization’s made.  Char’s past is intertwined, badly, with the mother of Nick’s daughter and her family.  Both Char and Nick see that continuing their relationship could negatively impact Nick’s ability to see his daughter.  Despite their deep feelings for each other, and how happy they make one another they must break-up.

It goes without saying that all Max Monroe books are outrageous fun.  “Dr. Neuro” is one of the most fun of those books.  The relationship conflict is stellar and for someone who reads as many romances as me the “roadblock” came outta left-field.  That is a good thing!  I found the characters in “Dr. Neuro” to be especially likable and charming.  Bonus: the cockles of my heart are warm in future book certainty.  I know a secondary character from the Billionaire Bad Boy series and the St. Luke’s docuseries will get his HEA.  He has to now.  The chemistry between Nick and Char is wonderful.  Nick starts his metamorphosis, under the Heroine’s influence, upon their first encounter.  Char is a manically divine Heroine; whom I adore.  If you’re a fan of the Billionaire Bad Boy series Winnie, Wes, Lexi, and Remy make appearances.  Bottomline, “Dr. Neuro” is an absolute delight!

I’m giving “Dr. Neuro” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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