REVIEW: “An Earl by Any Other Name” by Lauren Smith

“An Earl by Any Other Name” is a short, sweet, and sexy Historical Romance.  This is the first book in Lauren Smith’s Sins and Scandals series.  The Hero’s Leo the latest Lord of Hampton who’s father ruined the family name.  Leo’s determined to become so respectable society will forget his family’s shame.  The fact no one wants to do business with him leaves his family estate financially at risk.  His mother’s happy to be out of their official mourning period and wants to live a new and scandalous life.  Leo’s beside himself when his mother informs him she wants to become a Suffragette.  He refuses to allow her to attend a local rally but agrees to her request to host a house party.  Little does Leo know his mother has the perfect Suffragette lined up to steal his heart.

Ivy was raised in Leo’s family home when her mother was his mother’s Lady’s Maid.  When Ivy’s mother died Lady Hampton found her father who was making his wealth before coming to claim Ivy’s mother.  He raised Ivy to become an intelligent, self-sufficient, and beautiful young woman.  Ivy and Lady Hampton ran into each other in London and renewed their relationship.  Lady Hampton was like another mother to her and she’s happy to attend Sufferage speeches and rallies with her.  Ivy was in love with the tenderhearted, adventurous, and mischievous Leo when she was eight years-old.  She was heartbroken when she left Hampton House but never forgot boy.  Lady Hampton invites Ivy and her father to her House Party intending to shake up Leo’s life a little.  Little does Ivy know Lady Hampton is truly up to no good and has more than one accomplice.

The romance in “An Earl by Any Other Name” is sweet and sexy and the nostalgia is beautiful.  The time period is familiar to fans of Downton Abbey.  This setting is when many of the aristocrats’ country homes and tenant farms were failing.  The gentry was scrambling to either invest well or hunt for a wealthy wife.  Lauren Smith introduces Owen Hornsby, a friend of Leo’s who is experiencing serious financial issues.  I’m sure we’ll see him in an upcoming installment of the Sins and Scandals series.  He’s desperately willing to do almost anything to save his estate.  Leo and Ivy are charming and intriguing.  My only issue is it’s at times overly repetitive.  Ivy mentally reminds herself that she’s sworn to never marry countless times.  Leo mentally convinces himself Ivy isn’t a suitable match.  I mean EXTREMELY repetitive.  That’s truly the only objection I have to this delightful book.

I’m giving ” An Earl by Any Other Name” Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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