REVIEW: “Irresistible You” by Kate Meader

Kate Meader’s steaming up the ice with “Irresistible You”.  This first installment of the Chicago Rebels series features a French-speaking Cajun hockey player and a tough female owner.  As usual Kate Meader brings a compelling storyline and engaging characters.  The Heroine’s been groomed to take over the hockey team after her father’s death.  Unfortunately the old man had other ideas.  In his will he left the team to Harper and her two half-sisters, who she barely knows.  They must run it as a unit; cooperating in total agreement.  In any male dominated workplace a woman has to work ten-times as hard to be considered almost good enough.  With three women at the helm the Chicago Rebel’s front office is the punchline for every Sports section joke.  Harper needs the perfect player to get them from last place to the play-offs.  Remy “Jinx” DuPre the unluckiest player in the NHL.

No one knows but this is Remy’s last year in the Pros and he wants to leave with the cup.  There’s no way he’ll win the Stanley Cup with the Rebels.  But Remy’s willing to make a dirty deal to get his way.  Remy tells Harper he’ll do whatever she asks and play for her team as hard has he can.  Though, he’ll do so only if she trades him to a team with a real chance at the Cup.  The trade has to happen before the NHL deadline; several short weeks away.  With Harper’s promise he’ll be the team-centering-spirit-building-player she thinks he’ll be.  However, his bossy boss is not easy to resist.  Every time they interact the meetings are so electric sparks fly.  Eventually his deal to end up with the cup is not looking as good as it did originally.

“Irresistible You” doesn’t focus purely on Harper and Remy but does quite a bit of relationship building with her sisters.  Violet the recently discovered sister who was the product of a one-night-stand between Harper’s father and a “puck bunny”.  And the sporty sister Isobel the product of Harper’s father’s second marriage.  Isobel was the closest thing their father had to a son; especially when she made the women’s professional hockey league.  Violet also has a compelling backstory however she didn’t wrap herself up in the world of hockey.  Harper needs to be seen as a competent, professional Female owner of a hockey team.  That means that neither she nor her sisters can fraternize with their employees.  In other words No Dating Hockey Players.  Harper has another good reason for that rule and it’s hidden in her past.

“Irresistible You” has a wonderful cast of hockey playing cast members sexy, troubled, and charming.  Kate Meader rolls out this first installment with rich storylines, compelling conflicts, potential pairings, magnetic romance, and steamy sex.  Remy’s a charming laid-back Cajun Alpha hero with mad cooking skills and a sexy French vocabulary.  Harper starts off not easy to like but shapes up quickly.  She becomes sympathetic and likable and you will totally root for her to realize her dreams.  Not just to win the guy but to get real sisters out of the deal.  Remy’s a charming characters not only for Harper but for his teammates as well.  The Chicago Rebels series looks like it’s going to be just as good as Kate Meader’s Hot in Chicago series.  If you haven’t read it yet; the Hot in Chicago series should be your next One-Click-Binge.

I’m giving “Irresistible You” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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