REVIEW: “Ruck Me” by Rebecca Norinne

“Ruck Me” is a riveting romance about the complex journey of a couple from childhood friends to lovers.  This installment of Rebecca Norinne’s Dublin Rugby series follows Aoife (EE-fa) O’Shaughnessy.  She’s the Captain of the Dublin Rugby team’s little sister; the “forgotten child” to her narcissistic mother.  Aoife’s known for her pink hair and impetuous decision-making.  Her brother Declan gives each of his teammates his “stay-away-from-my-little-sister” speech.  His teammate, Aoife’s childhood friend, Eoin (O-in) overhears her plan to lose her virginity to someone in their small hometown.  Eoin intervenes knowing the proposed man is seriously bad news.  Ultimately volunteering to do the job.  He has no romantic interest in Aoife but he honestly cares about her.  Aoife rejects Eoin’s offer but asks him to help her learn what men like.  During the time they spend together determining the proper course of action real feelings develop between them.

“Ruck Me” has a lovely romantic development from friends to lovers.  Eoin’s a genuinely honorable and nice guy who finds himself bewildered to be falling in love with his childhood friend.  Aoife is a wonderful dichotomy of vulnerability and brashness.  Growing up in the shadow of her talented and famous brother and cast aside by her mother has molded her.  She rebels against being unnoticed but is afraid to rock the boat of the people who house and support her.  Aoife and Eoin’s romance is sweet and steamy but with a large number of landmines.  Because of her brother Aoife wants to sneak around which hurts and angers Eoin.  Once they clear that hurdle a huge and unexpected one-two punch brings the couple to their knees.  Rebecca Norinne does a fantastic job with a fabulous conflict.  Providing the Dublin Rugby series with another incredible book.

“Ruck Me” has a brisk pace, compelling storyline, and a herd of charming and engaging characters.  Rebecca Norinne introduces a good number of new characters and brings back a few.  One star-crossed couple has their backstory told which is heartbreaking and captivating.  Another character, Donal, is revealed to be a fun and multifaceted character with his own marvelously intriguing story.

I’m giving “Ruck Me” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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