REVIEW: “Sacked in Seattle” by Jami Davenport

“Sacked in Seattle” is an enjoyable sexy New Adult romance which kicks off Jami Davenport’s new Men of Tyee series.  The Hero and Heroine of “Sacked in Seattle” were secondary characters in Jami Davenport’s Game On in Seattle series.  Riley’s the nephew who came to live with his Sockeye hockey-playing uncle in “Crashing the Net”.  Tiff appears in “Melting Ice”; the 3rd book in the Game on in Seattle series.  The couple’s backstory occurs seven years prior when they were high school Freshmen.  They survive a traumatic and deadly school shooting.  Tiff’s ex-boyfriend was one of the shooters and she was his main target.  Three close friends died that day and Riley was shot attempting to shield her from the gunmen.  Tiff still carries around guilt for that event.  She feels her breaking up with her boyfriend was one of the straws that pushed him over the edge.

Riley fell in love with Tiff during high school and never stopped even though she didn’t return his feelings.  He had hoped she would have a change of heart.  But even though they had sex after graduation Tiff left town the next day without even telling Riley good-bye.  Three years later and Tiff unexpectedly moves back to Seattle.  Her parents are divorcing and she can’t afford out-of-state tuition.  Now she’s attending the same college as Riley.  Riley had thought he had gotten over Tiff.  However the moment he sees her he realizes he never stopped loving her.  He believes she’s the one and if she gives them a chance they can have a beautiful future.  Unfortunately whenever Tiff is around Riley everything from that horrific day hits her.  She hears gunshots and screams, smells blood and gunpowder, and sees the looks of fear on her friends’ faces.

When Tiff left Seattle she broke Riley’s heart.  Regardless, Riley wants Tiff to give a relationship a shot.  Riley loves Tiff and believes deep down she loves him too.  Unfortunately Tiff turns Riley down flat; she doesn’t even want to be friends.  She doesn’t want to see or talk to him ever again.  Riley doesn’t take this well and spirals into a drinking binge.  No one knows Riley’s history.  He grew up homeless with his drug addicted prostitute mother until he was fourteen years-old.  Everyone believes he had a happy childhood before his mother died.  Actually his mother’s still alive she just abandoned Riley in a hotel room before he contacted his uncle.  Riley has issues believing anyone can love and accept him if they know the truth about his childhood.  So even though he loves Tiff he doesn’t share the burden of his history with her.

But Riley is relentless; after he rallies he wears Tiff down to accept a date with him.  Then another date until they are boyfriend and girlfriend.  Tiff realizes they have more in common than she realized.  All of those ties that bind them make them stronger together than apart.  However Riley’s uncle and other family friends believe that Tiff isn’t good for him and don’t support their relationship.  Riley and Tiff hope that the fact that they remain together will eventually convince them.  However events surrounding the anniversary of the shooting causes Tiff to hide things from Riley.

Riley suffers some extreme stress on the football team.  His best friend and roommate, starting quarterback, Gage is injured during a game.  Gage ends up not only leave the team but he dropping out of university.  This leaves Riley as the inexperienced new starting quarterback.  This adds to his college work load.  Which is challenging due to how he grew up homeless and he’s not strong in his academics.  When you add his uncle’s attitude about Tiff and then a “ghost” from his past.  His self-doubt pushes him much to far.  Even his love for Tiff can’t sustain him.

“Sacked in Seattle” is a straight up sexy New Adult romance.  Jami Davenport peppers the novel with sparkling side characters.  Riley’s best friend Gage and Tiff’s bestie Alisa and gay roommate Wayne are wonderful.  I truly hope there are books for them in this series.  Gage hinted at an intriguing backstory for himself.  Riley is a solidly romantic Hero; more romantic that Tiff.  He’s a firm believer in True Love, The One, and Happily Ever Forevers.  Once Tiff confesses to herself that she’s been in love with Riley all along; she becomes a really likable character.  “Sacked in Seattle” has a steamy sweet romance and a compelling storyline.  Riley and Tiff are excellent main characters.  This novel is a fabulous “kick off” to the Game On in Seattle Rookies (Men of Tyee) series.  This seems like this will be a strong New Adult romantic series.

I’m giving “Sacked in Seattle” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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