REVIEW: “Her Sexy Challenge” by Sarah Ballance

“Her Sexy Challenge” is the first sweet and sexy book in Sarah Ballance’s new Firefighters of Station 1 series.  The Hero and Heroine, Shane and Caitlin, are fun, flirty, and magnetic characters with rapier-sharp banter.  Sex scenes between the two are incendiary and explosive in the level of passion.  The premise is a bit frustrating.  Caitlin moves to town two weeks before Shane is due to start his Dream Job with the Denver Fire Department.  Shane desperately wants to be a firefighter where his father gave his life as a fireman.  He’s dreamed of following, exactly, in his father’s footsteps for ten years.  Caitlin bought a used bookstore in this small town and his quickly getting a reputation for causing disasters.  During her first day in town the fire department had to rescue her twice.  Hence her meeting with Shane.

Both know Shane will be leaving in two weeks.  They also know the attraction between them is tremendous but there is no future for them.  Caitlin just moved to town to open her own business.  But Shane wants more opportunity, excitement, and thrills than that small town can dish out.  Even though they continuously tell themselves to stay away from the other they are powerless to the passion.  Shane and Caitlin try to keep their hands to themselves to make their eventual split easier.  But it’s impossible not touch each other.  It seems as though Shane does one thing but says another constantly in regard to his and Caitlin’s “non-relationship”.  They’re constantly together and go on many “not-a-dates”.  Shane’s friends and family look to Caitlin as a catalyst for him to remain in town.  As much as he’s drawn to Caitlin, Shane ultimately chooses fighting fires in Denver over her.

Shane introduces Caitlin to his friends so she’ll have people to look after her when he leaves.  His firefighter friends are quite the handfuls and have personality plus.  Caitlin is riddled with phobias.  Some are because of a traumatic past experience; thus her fear of rushing water, bridges, and the dark.  Other fears spring from her coming from an even smaller town than Dry Rock, Colorado.  For instance elevators are foreign to her since her hometown doesn’t have any buildings taller than two stories.  Therefore a small enclosed box that can plummet from a great height isn’t very calming.  Shane’s a straight-up nice guy who’s turned inside-out by this woman to the point he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He has no control around Caitlin; over his mind or body.  Unfortunately it all comes down to the ticking clock and calendar pages; a relationship with an expiration date.

Sarah Ballance creates a sweet and sexy start to the Firefighters of Station 1 with “Her Sexy Challenge”.  The Hero and Heroine are attracted to each other from the moment they lay eyes on each other.  However, Caitlin’s not overly receptive to Shane’s charms, at first.  Nevertheless their emotions heat up quickly triggering their white-hot sexual attraction.  We have wonderfully likable characters, an intriguing romantic storyline, and super racy sexy times.  Who could ask for more.  The new series looks promising with a cast of charming secondary characters on deck for romance.  “Her Sexy Challenge” boils down to finding yourself and not live in the past or within your fears.

I’m giving “Her Sexy Challenge” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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