REVIEW: “Simply Blair” by Gina Robinson

“Simply Blair” is the heart in throat third installment of Gina Robinson’s Jet City Kilt series.  This series is a four book saga focusing on Cyber Security Cosplayer Austin McDougall and Dr. Blair Edwards.  Each of these books is a cliffhanger leading to the next.  In the second book, “Almost Elinor” Austin and Blair were well on seemingly steps away from their HEA.  Unfortunately Austin’s detained by the Feds before they could leave for their London and Scotland get-away.  “Simply Blair” picks up immediately with the couple on two different continents and facing intense challenges.  Blair’s plans to face her ex-boyfriend in person to explain her abrupt break-up meets a major and unexpected catastrophe.  Back in the US Austin is trying desperately to clear his name which is taking far too long.  Blair’s ex-boyfriend is up to no good and she’s alone in a foreign country and extremely vulnerable.

Austin is being held under suspicion of treason and espionage until he can prove his innocence.  He’s cut off from everyone except his well connected and wealthy best friend Lazer, his attorney and friend Cam.  His phone has been confiscated so he has no way to contact Blair to explain the nightmare he’s in.  Austin has to use his coding skills to prove he’s being set up and find the true villain.  Unfortunately the process is slow going.  He’s not allowed to contact Blair so he must rely on Cam and Lazer to relay his messages to her.

Blair arrives in London and is nervous for a couple of reasons.  Firstly she witnessed her boyfriend getting hauled away by Federal agents and secondly she must face her ex-boyfriend alone.  Blair’s concerned about how Nigel will take her reasons for why she abruptly broke-up with him months ago.  She’s also concerned that in some ways she still loves him considering they dated for about a decade.  Blair still finds Nigel attractive but Austin’s her True Love.

Nigel return the things Blair left at his place before she left him.  However Nigel pledges to continue to fight to win her back.  Blair’s upset and runs out of the pub.  Forgetting about the different traffic patterns in London; she steps onto the street and is hit by a car.  Blair ends up in the hospital and among her injuries she’s suffering memory loss.  She’s forgotten everything that happened since the last time she left England.  She has no recollections of Austin.  Blair’s stuck in England alone, her aunt’s passport lapsed and she can’t get to her.  Nigel’s her sole companion and he has nefarious intentions.  Though her aunt and Austin’s friends warn her, and Blair has access to her mobile phone, she’s at Nigel’s mercy.

Blair’s memories are returning slowly.  Though I have one major and infuriating frustration with Blair. Her friends and aunt tell her about her and Austin’s intense Love Story; yet she feels obligations to her memories of being Nigel’s girlfriend.  Of course Nigel is working her and manipulating things while keeping her busy and isolated.  However her subconscious continues to nudge her regarding feelings and impressions of life with Austin.

“Simply Blair” had me approaching with caution.  I wasn’t thrilled to learn Austin was at risk of losing Blair to her egotistical and boring ex Nigel.  However Gina Robinson handles this in a dramatic yet completely realistic way.  Whenever Blair’s emotional wavering would frustrate me, I was able to understand – to some degree.  Most of the action occurs between Blair and Nigel and Austin and Lazer.  Austin’s pack is in attendance only at the end but their personalities are there in spades.  There is one more major conflict for Austin and Blair to face which arises in “Simply Blair”.  It looks as though “Simply Austin” will be taking place in Scotland; at least for a bit.  I am totally into Gina Robinson’s Jet City Kilt series and cannot wait to see how it wraps up!

I’m giving “Simply Blair” 4 Lightning Bolts and Sunny Skies.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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