REVIEW: “Trust” by Kylie Scott

Kylie Scott’s journey into YA is a success.  She’s come up with a compelling story of two dramatically different teens, put them into a pressure cooker situation.  Finally she throws them together in the same high school to see how they deal with the aftermath.  “Trust” is with unique, compelling, and multifaceted characters.  The Heroine, Edi, is a plus-size girl who follows the runs and is constantly under the thumb of school bullies.  After her experiences during a convenient store robbery gone wrong she’s not the rule-abiding-straight-A student any longer.  During the robbery she meets John who saves her life.  John doesn’t come out of the robbery as a hero but surrounded in a shroud of guilt-by-association and his past.  When Edi leaves her old school to attend the local public school she’s meets John again.  She must find her new self in this different environment.

Edi and her friend came to the convenient store to pick up snacks for their movie marathon.  Unfortunately Edi lost a bet and is the “designated shopper”.  When she enters the store she sees the cute cashier and a couple of boys who aren’t familiar.  Ironically she had paid for her purchases when the robber bumped her to the ground when he approached the cashier.  Edi witnesses the robbery gone wrong and she receives the brunt of the robber’s anger.  To her shock one of the boys knows the robber and talks and bonds with him.  Throughout the long hostage stand-off, Edi’s the hostage at risk.  To Edi, John’s a “Wild Card” with the ease he has dealing with his brother’s friend, the robber.  At the critical moment John and the other hostage rush to save Edi’s life.  In the end, the only survivors are Edi, John, and the robber.

Unfortunately, John is under suspicion because of his past criminal behavior and the fact he knew the robber.  Edi makes the mistake of sharing details of what happened during the robbery with her best friend.  Her best friend appears on all of the new channels telling “her story”.  She claims it’s on Edi’s behalf.  But Edi knows her friend doesn’t care if her facts are right or wrong she just wants the attention.  After her traumatic experience Edi is angry and prone to fight.  This is what causes her to literally fight back against her school bully and end up in a new school.  Edi is surprised when she makes fast friends with a few girls at her new school.  She’s even more shocked to discover that John also attends this school.

John’s a “cool kid” and the school’s drug dealer but after the robbery he decides to turn his life around.  He moves in with his uncle, stops selling drugs, and focuses on school rather than sleeping through his classes.  Edi and John have an obvious connection as survivors of the same trauma.  However it goes deeper they understand each other:  their same fears, anxieties, and nightmares.  John and Edi grow extremely close and for the most part it’s all in the “Friend Zone”.  However their relationship crosses a line early on when John does her a “favor”.  John believes Edi’s too “good” for him and Edi believes John’s too cool and popular to like her romantically.  Eventually they realize their closeness is more than friendship.  Unfortunately Edi’s mother isn’t that accepting of John.  Also John’s drug-dealing past is trying to catch-up with him and drag him back down.

“Trust” is fascinating because the main characters are opposites.  They understand each other but even after their shared trauma they travel opposites roads.  Edi’s is full of anger while John focuses on improving himself and his life.  Kylie Scott does a magnificent job in finding the balance for the two.  Also, even though Edi isn’t comfortable as a plus-sized girl she accepts herself as she is.  You don’t see her shedding the weight as part of her journey to her Happily Ever After.  John is a sweet, compassionate, and protective hero; he’s wonderfully complex.  Edi’s new friends are smart and funny; especially Hang.  John has a best friend, Anders, who’s quite the charming character.  “Trust” is an intelligently written and fabulous book filled with Friendship, Violence, Thrills, Sexy, and Romance.  It has a strong and riveting storyline and intriguing characters.  “Trust” is a YA book worthy of a Adult reading!

I’m giving “Trust” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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