REVIEW: “Twisted Twosome” by Meghan Quinn

“Twisted Twosome” is a shining example of Shiny Shenanigans!  Meghan Quinn creates a killer couple who turn up the heat by pushing buttons and fighting fire with fire.  Georgiana’s fierce, determined, intelligent, and compassionate.  Racer’s a wonderfully charming crass and crude prankster.  He has a big heart and will make your heart hurt with his vulnerability.  Racer and Georginana/Princess/Georgie are complete opposites but kindred spirits.  They are the perfect pairing.  “Twisted Twosome” is a cute, sexy, and touching Romantic Comedy.  It just as easily makes you snort with laughter as bring tears to your eyes.  The secondary characters have appeared in Meghan Quinn’s last couple of books; specifically “My Best Friend’s Ex”.  Georgiana brings her own posse of personality-filled pals to the book.  Combined these secondary characters are rowdy, madcap, and wacky.  Racer and Georgie are like oil and water initially but somehow magically they become a passionately perverse pairing!

Racer McKay is a simple guy with a complex problem.  He’s drowning in his deceased fathers medical bills and is about to lose everything.  The only thing he has left of the man who raised him is the house they built together.  Maybe it’s a simple problem with no easy fix.  In addition to his fulltime construction job he works a lot of side jobs.  However his female employers like a little eye-candy.  He finds himself building shelves in a hard hat, tool belt and man thong for one older woman.  But the job pays money his pride doesn’t pay squat.  Racer gets a job working on a pool house for a lumber supplier.  This time his audience is the wealthy man’s daughter and ditzy friend.  Unfortunately with Racer’s money problems these two moaning about their 1-percenter problems puts him in an unusually cranky mood.  He and Georgiana have words.

Georigiana Westbrook has a Masters Degree in Business, a dream, and no power.  Her misogynistic father believes she’s only qualified for charity work and be arm-candy for a wealthy husband.  Georgiana presents her business plan, for a full-service wedding shop, to her father.  He denies her request to access her Trust Fund early so she can open her own business.  Luckily Georgiana’s brother believes in her and invests.  Unfortunately her father owns all of the lumber yards and concrete plant in the Tri-State area.  No construction company is willing to work for her unless they want to be banned from getting access his supplies.  However, Racer is desperate and the dollar signs that Georgiana dangles in front of him are motivation enough.  The amount he’s going to get paid will pay several months worth of bills.  As much as Racer and Georgiana dislike each other they need each other.

They may hate each other but their minds love the dirty thoughts they have of the other.  The workplace becomes a war zone of barbs, pranks, and battle for power.  The pushing and poking drives up the aggravation level as well as their libidos.  Because they are from two completely different worlds they both know nothing will work between them.  However their tingly naughty bits don’t get the message and they are undeniably drawn to each other.  Some how Racer and Georgiana’s friends become entangled in their lives.  Racer now has way too many meddlesome women in his life.  Especially after one of his pranks costs Georgiana the perfect escort to a Hampton’s party.  An event in which she’d get access to wedding dress designers, business contacts, and potential customers.  The women decide Racer will have to be Georgie’s escort after a makeover and training.

It’s during the weekend that Racer realizes their differences don’t matter and Georgie’s his Forever.  Unfortunately Racer has a run in with Georgie’s father and everything is lost.

“Twisted Twosome” has a strong couple, compelling storyline, and sizzling sexy times.  The only thing one might consider a weakness is a too easily wrapped up resolution.  However even though problems are resolved a little too neatly the solution is meaningful and touching.  Georgiana’s and Racer’s romance is frustratingly fun.  The banter and shenanigans between the two are pure GOLD.  The stable of characters that appear in the book are stellar; Georgie’s sister-in-law, Waverly, and best friend Madison are brilliant.  Racer’s best friend Smalls/Aaron just gets more intriguing with every book.  I cannot wait for the next book for so many reasons!

I’m giving “Twisted Twosome” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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