REVIEW: “Wicked Wish” by Sawyer Bennett

As with all Sawyer Bennett’s Wicked Horse books “Wicked Wish” is filled with wonderfully outrageous sexy goodness and swoony romance.  This is an AMAZING Brother’s Best Friend Trope Romance for her Wicked Horse Vegas series.  Walsh Brooks is a member of The Vegas Wicked Horse; basically it’s his home away from home.  Jorie Pearce’s husband kicked out of her Los Angeles home because, according to him, she basically sucks in bed.  She returned to the suburbs of Las Vegas where she grew up and is staying with her best friend Elena.  Elena convinces Jorie to get her mojo back at the Masquerade Night held at the Wicked Horse.  Unexpectedly, Jorie finds herself facing a magnetically attractive masked man and a orgasm-inducing sex chair.  The evening ends with spectacular sex and the shocking revelation that it was with her brother’s best friend.

Sawyer Bennett does a fine job with a truly touchy relationship.  Walsh and Jorie’s brother were already best friends when she was born.  So Walsh has known her, her entire life from diapers to dresses.  In many ways he’s like a brother to her.  However Jorie stopped thinking about Walsh like a brother a long time ago.  Walsh remembers the moment, when he stopped seeing Jorie as a little sister-type, perfectly.  He was visiting from college and she was fifteen, filled-out, and in a bikini.  A year later she was her hero and protector and declared he’d never think about her sexually ever again.  Years later is when Jorie’s brother told Walsh she was off Limits and Walsh never intended to betray that promise.  Until he realized the woman in the peacock-feather-mask, he had insanely hot sex with, was his best friend’s little sister.

Sawyer Bennett has all of her plates spinning perfectly for “Wicked Wish”:  erotic sex, emotional conflict, and heady romance.  There is one “Icky Concept” that is awkward and squirmy but it’s purposeful to be so it works.  It involves a picture of Jorie that Walsh sends her brother.  At the time Walsh doesn’t know who Jorie is but after the fact … *shudder* ,<smirk>  (I’m sorry I’m a warped individual and finds it funny and icky.)  Jorie and Walsh are fabulous characters who are engaging, charming, and really likable.  The storyline’s fun and intriguing.  I’m going to assume we’ll be seeing more of Jorie’s brother at the Wicked Horse.  Since he did create the super-naughty-sex-chair for the club.  And he has more ideas where that came from. I’m a big fan of Sawyer Bennett and a HUGE fan of both Wicked Horse series.  So, I’m All In Baby!


I’m giving “Wicked Wish” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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