REVIEW: “The Wright Mistake” by K.A. Linde

K.A. Linde pulled out every emotional stop for “The Wright Mistake”.  Prepare yourself for your heart will ache and jaw will drop.  This is a wonderfully romantic love story tempered with tales of addiction, abuse, and sudden tragedy.  “The Wright Mistake” is the third book in K.A. Linde’s  Wright series.  Austin Wright’s a functioning alcoholic who convinces himself that he’s able to rely on his willpower to give up liquor.  Julia Banner tells him she’ll only go out with him again if he doesn’t drink.  Knowing he can’t go “cold turkey” Austin “weans” himself off the booze.  Austin’s a lot better than normal so Julia thinks he’s keeping his promise.  Later she learns Austin’s either been lying, or not being honest, about a lot.  Julia herself has a HUGE secret she’s been keeping for years.  This story not only shames her but puts those close to her in danger.

Julia Banner, Head of HR at Wright Construction has just broken up with her “good guy” boyfriend.  Her best friend invites her to spend a holiday weekend with her, her boyfriend and his family and friends.  Little does she know her ex, from a few years ago, will be one of the only eligible bachelors there.  Austin Wright’s known for his hard partying ways and to Julia as the liar cheater who broke her heart.  However Austin never forgot Julia and has been harboring feelings for her all of this time.  A shake up in the family business rattles Austin’s self-confidence as well as his self-esteem.  That combined with Julia’s rejection makes him re-evaluate his relationship with liquor.

Julia realizes that, even though she should avoid Austin, she cannot deny she is still attracted to him.  She agrees to give him another chance as long as he stops drinking.  Austin agrees and they get back together.  Their relationship is easy and passionate because they understand each other and both feel safe and stronger with the other.  However an ex of Austin’s turns up revealing Julia doesn’t trust him.  Austin confesses that part of what broke them up, in the past, was a lie he perpetuated.  This particular ex-girlfriend will always be someone who makes Julia doubt Austin.

Julia’s mysterious past catches up with her; her dangerous and abusive ex-boyfriend has found her.  She reveals she’s been living with a huge secret for years to Austin and her best friends.  Not only is she in danger but those close to her are as well.  At a time of crisis Julia realizes she can’t count on Austin.  And learns he’s been keeping secrets and lying to her almost the entire time.  Knowing she can’t rely or trust Austin she breaks up with him; this sends him into a dark place.  Finally realizing he is a failure professionally and has lost the love of his life Austin goes to rehab.  But he’s done so much damage to his and Julia’s relationship she can’t completely forgive him.

K.A. Linde deals with some serious themes in “The Wright Mistake” – physical and psychological abuse and alcoholism.  The author also throws in a completely unexpected tragedy involving a beloved character.  It was a jaw-dropper to me anyway.  This event affects the entire cast of characters for the later portion of the book.  Austin and Julia’s pairing is a great match; lots of fire and passion as well as witty banter and high-jinks.  The sex scenes are super hot and spicy!  The portrayal of Austin’s struggle with alcohol is powerful and the couple’s conflicts are painful.  Predominant secondary characters are previous Wright series Heroines Heidi and Emery, Austin’s best friend Patrick, and Sutton and Maverick Wright.  Of course Landon, Morgan, and Jensen play important roles as well.  Reading “The Wright Mistake is absolutely a right move!

I’m giving “The Wright Mistake” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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