REVIEW: “Well Built” by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

The latest addition to the Book Boyfriend series, “Well Built” by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde.  This book features one of Premier Realty’s “Property Redevelopers” (don’t call him a *Flipper*) Kyle Coleman.  He is reunited with his small town high school sweetheart Ella Fisher.  She’s remained in their small town since their tumultuous break-up almost ten years ago.  Ella’s father hates Kyle’s family for tragedies which were caused by poor decision making. immaturity, and bad tempers.  None of which Kyle was a part of.  Ella’s a good daughter and follows what her father dictates.  When she told Kyle to get out of her life and stay out; he did it.  Kyle’s regretted that decision ever since.  Now Kyle has returned to his home town to do something for his mother.  Unfortunately in getting and doing something nice for his mother he’s taking away something dear from his long lost love.

At first Ella thinks Kyle’s thwarting her plans out of spite.  But soon she learns his real reasons and can’t fault him.  Even though her father has no problem with that.  Since his project will take several weeks to complete Kyle’ll be in town – right next door to Ella’s business.  Seeing each other again has revived their young love.  It also makes them realize that they never stopped loving each other.  Unfortunately Ella lives and works in her small town while Kyle lives and works an hour away in Chicago.  Ella gets panic attacks when she’s in the city because of the noise, tall buildings, and many people.  She could never live in Chicago.  Plus her father hates Kyle and would never abide their dating.  No matter how much they want each other there’s no future for them.  So Ella puts Kyle firmly in the Friend Zone.

Unfortunately their feelings and passions have other plans and soon they’re back in a quasi-relationship.  They sleep together whenever Kyle’s working on his project on the weekends.  They phone and text during the week when they’re apart.  However when Kyle’s project ends he has no reason to return to town.  So Ella is preparing herself for another broken heart.  She can’t risk her father’s health again to the anger and shock of discovering she and Kyle are together again.  Kyle’s convinced they can work out if Ella realizes she needs to please herself first instead of her father.  But for someone who is used to doing everything for everyone else Ella’s not used to the concept of compromise.

“Well Built” is an enjoyable book with a sweet and sexy romance.  The storyline and romance in “Well Built” are straightforward and entertaining.  Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde create engaging characters and an engrossing storyline.  For those who follow the series all of the Book Boyfriends appear and their love interests as well.  Except for relationship challenged Connor.  His book is up next!  The ease with which Kyle and Ella fall into simple affection is beautiful and lovely.  Their passion fuels their “sexcapades” into steamy and spicy fun to read passages.  Anything Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde create when they tag team is GOLD!  “Well Built” and the Book Boyfriend series are no exceptions.

I’m giving “Well Built” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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