Because Lightning City is located in Tampa, Florida I’ve been going a little crazy.  I’ve been spending a large part of the past few days running errands.  Accumulating, bottled water, canned goods, sand bags, and gassing up the car isn’t as easy as one thinks.  Here’s a little known fact.  Before a hurricane you’re advised to wash all your clothes, towels, sheets, dishes, etc.  More for the “To Do List”.   Add to that regularly scheduled things like doctor appointments and my Review Schedule is off course.

I’m offering my apologies because I wanted to have at least two more reviews up this week.  Since it’s Friday I’ll be lucky for there being one going up later today.  Apologies, I don’t think it’s going to happen. My plan is to write up and post my reviews as soon as I can but as of right now I’m behind.  This isn’t as bad as it could be but Hurricane Irma hasn’t made up her mind if she’s going to skate up the east coast of Florida or run it up the middle as of this time. The power might go out and more delays.  Again, apologies.

So, with the best of intentions, here are the books I want to have reviewed by next Friday:

There might be one or two more that I haven’t listed.  I’m really excited to get them read and reviewed.  As you may know I’m picky about what ARCs I select.  Like I said, I’m running a little behind (understatement).  So I thank you for your patience.  Stick with me because I’m going to post a few “My God it’s an Apocalypse Out There! GiveAways”.  And they are going to be GOOD!


Stay Safe Friends!

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