REVIEW: “The Attraction File” by Elizabeth Lynx

I’ve been a fan of Evaleen Bechmann ever since Eliza beth Lynx released her first version of “Rules of Payne”.  I am partial to intelligent, snarky, vulnerable ball-susting heroines and Evaleen is that Heroine’s Poster Girl.  Her Hero Edgar is a scrumptious Beta Hero (another favorite).  He allows Evaleen to set the pace for their relationship then he guides her as a partner.  My big issue with “The Attraction File” is a Red Herring that might not be a Red Herring.  There are no satisfactory explanations for this character’s behaviors.  Nor an explanation regarding the name of the titular ‘Attraction File’.  There are indeed plenty of surprises in the latest entry of the Cake Love series.  It’s chockfull of wit, romance, danger, and sex!

“The Attraction File” begins with Edgar and Evaleen’s “first meeting”.  We see Evaleen’s view on men and dating wonderfully illustrated with a balding Wookie looking for a princess.  Edgar and Evaleen’s attraction begins, at least from Edgar’s side, surprisingly long before.  There is another string in their history that also ties them together.  A very dangerous string.

Edgar and Evaleen spend much of their time sending and receiving mixed messages.  It’s a slow-burn until they’re on the same page.  Evaleen incidentally has a couple of mind-blowing secrets she’s holding onto; her closest friends don’t believe them to be true.  The Timeline of “The Attraction Files” runs parallel to, and a little past, the events of “Rules of Payne”.  My main issue circles back to a recurring character who Elizabeth Lynx spotlights.  At the end of the book, this character really has nothing to do with anything.  It’s extremely frustrating that their suspicious behavior goes unexplained.  Really, what was done to Henrik’s phone?  Also the titular ‘Attraction File” seems to be a misnomer unless it’s a business practice I’m unfamiliar with.  If it’s a real thing then it’s my ignorance to blame.  Other than that I eagerly await further adventures for Elizabeth Lynx’s Cake Love crew!


I’m giving “The Attraction Files” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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