REVIEW: “Chasing Christmas Eve” by Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis’s a Gold Star-Go To-Instant One-Click-Author for any and all of her series.  In the Heartbreaker Bay series everyday’s like Christmastime and every hearts wish is granted.  Albeit after a wrong turn down Embarrassment Lane every road leads to Happily-Ever-After-and-Sexed-Up Good Cul-de-Sac.  In “Chasing Christmas Eve” mysterious and sexy geek Spence Baldwin’s the Hero with a secret or two up his sleeve.  After witnessing the paths his grandparents’ and parents’ loves lives took Spence believes he’s can either have Love or Success.  Not both.  When his last relationship ended he decided to focus solely on his inventions.  Colbie Albright’s a Heroine who rescues everyone.  She’s smart, easy going, and fun.  Both Colbie and Spence are “work-a-holics” who tend to forget the world when they find their creative grooves.  They get each other and the sparks fly whenever their together.  Unfortunately Colbie returns to New York in two-weeks.

Colbie Albright’s on a tight writing deadline and she’s wracked with stress-induced writers’ block.  The movie adaptation of her first book premier’s on New Years Day.  Her agent’s pushing tons of interviews on her.  Colbie’s twenty-three year-old twin brothers behave like twelve years old and they and their mother rely on her for everything.  Therefore Colbie’s “running away” well taking a vacation and not telling anyone where she’s going.  She was thinking Caribbean island but a late season hurricane causes her to travel across the country to San Francisco.  Colbie promises everyone she’ll be back in New York on Christmas Eve.  That gives her two weeks away from family and work responsibilities.  She arrives in San Francisco with no real destination in mind just a short To-Do List.  Item Ten:  “A wild, passionate, up-against-the-wall, forget-my-name love affair that makes me weak in knees when I think about it…”

Spence’s experiencing his own block.  A college friend turned unscrupulous reporter betrayed him recently; publishing an interview including lots of person information Spence didn’t provide.  Now Spence is getting proposal texts from anonymous women complete with naked selfies.  He’s also getting random interview requests, phone calls, and stalked by paparazzi.  Spence’s working on a drone to deliver meds to remote locations for organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.  This is a project he promised his now ex-girlfriend he’s complete for her.  This is the girlfriend who made him realize that his family’s cursed.  After observing his grandparents and parents disastrous marriages he sees they can only be successful at Business or Love.  Not both.  So Spence gave up on Love.  Unfortunately, the drones are giving him trouble too.  The design is for the drones to deliver meds and allow the doctors communicate and diagnose via live video-feed.  So he’s stuck

Spence decides to take a break he’s recruited to dog-walking duty by South Bark.  Luckily his furry friend runs amok and knocks an unsuspecting Colbie into the courtyards infamous fountain.  Spence is immediately smitten with Colbie.  Not only is she beautiful soaking wet; but she has a good sense of humor over the whole thing.  Colbie’s stunned and surprised by the lengths Spence goes in being “friendly”.  He convinces the building manager to rent her a short term apartment in the retail/residential complex.  Colbie’s non-specific answers cause Spence’s building manager/gatekeeper Elle to become very suspicious.  However Spence is the boss and Colbie finds herself in a lovely furnished apartment before she knows it.  Spence can’t get enough of Colbie and wants to be with her all the time considering they only have two-weeks.

Good thing the second half of Item Ten is very specific.  “- but a very short wild, passionate, up-against-the-wall, forget-my-name love affair because I don’t have the time or stamina to maintain that level of sexual activity, much less a relationship.”

What starts out as mutual sexual attraction and a checking off of a San Francisco Bucket List starts becoming more.  Spence and Colbie are very much alike.  Except Spence doesn’t believe that he can put someone else ahead of his work.  While Colbie puts everyone else a head of herself.  Her brothers constantly call asking how to turn off the smoke alarm or how to do laundry.  Colbie’s mother is just as bad wondering how the house is going to get decorated for Christmas.  Her agent and other “employees” are of no help to her either.  In fact Colbie’s agent was using her feelings for him to manipulate her into writing more.  It’s after recognizing their feelings for each other that Spence and Colbie change their thinking and their ways.  Unfortunately the lessons are realized too late; after Colbie leaves San Francisco believing she’s doing what’s best for Spence.

All of the Heartbreaker Bay gang is out full force for “Chasing Christmas Eve”.  The only couple MIA is Rory and Max.  As usual the scene stealer is Old Man Eddie and his space cakes dispensing wisdom.  His “secret identity” is revealed!  Jill Shalvis doesn’t disappoint with a fabulous airport TSA incident involving the writer Heroine and her Perfect Murder notes.  For me all of Jill Shalvis provides perfect escapes to too-good-to-be-true locations I never want to leave.  “Chasing Christmas Eve” gives the reader an intelligent and self-sufficient Heroine and a Hero who’s wonderfully fun and sexy Geek.  YAY eyeglasses my kryptonite!  This latest entry in the Heartbreaker Bay series is a winner and gives you a peek at the next book.

I’m giving “Chasing Christmas Eve” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning!


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