REVIEW: “Dirty Filthy Rich Love” by Laurelin Paige

“Dirty Filthy Rich Love” lives up to it’s name.  The sex scenes are “filthy” in the best ways.  And the Love is “dirty” in a messy perfect for each other way.  “Dirty Filthy Rich Love” is the second half of the Dirthy Filthy Rich duet.  In this installment Donovan and Sabrina are reunited and must delineate, define, and secure their fledgling romance.  Donovan and Sabrina realize that their brand of Love isn’t typical or easily defined.  For Sabrina she must come to grips with way Donovan expresses his love.  She also must reconcile how she deals with how the attempted rape, in her youth, still haunts her.  The manner of how she deals with her nightmares and fears is unusual.  However Donovan understands her and gets her needs.

Much of “Dirty Filthy Rich Love” is Sabrina reconciling how she feels about Donovan’s “brand of Love”.  It’s intense, invasive, and possessive.  Donovan is extremely vulnerable in this second half of their story.  The reader sees the family environment that formed Donovan and created the man he is today.  Also the man who attempted to rape Sabrina during university is not just a memory anymore.  Sabrina runs into a relative of his at a social event.  The biggest reveal is just how involved Donovan was in Sabrina’s past.  Laurelin Paige produces a thrilling, carnal, and complex romance.

I’m giving “Dirty Filthy Love” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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