REVIEW: “A Gentleman Never Surrenders” by Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith’s rocking the “Downton Abbey” era Historical Romance genre with “A Gentleman Never Surrenders” being an absolute winner.  “A Gentleman Never Surrenders” is the second installment of the Sins and Scandals series.  This series is focusing on Wife Hunting heroes be they in need of a wealthy bride or just a bride.  Sins and Scandals features extremely strong, independent heroines most interested in the British Suffragette movement.  This novel focuses on Owen Hadley, who returned from the war to find both his parents dead.  His beloved estate’s in terrible disrepair.  He’s in need of a wealthy bride and not to proud to play dirty to get what he needs.  Mildred Pepperwirth has fashioned her “outward personality” to be cold, aloof, and undesirable.  Milly doesn’t ever want to marry.  She’s certain she’ll never find husband who’d respect her opinions and treat her as an equal.

Owen’s invited to a house party of one of one of his friend’s.  His plan is to be found in a “compromising position” with a wealthy young miss.  Owen has his sights set on a sweet young debutante.  Unfortunately he finds himself in the bedroom of her shrewish older sister.  Milly’s reputation is of being cold and aloof.  There’s no love lost between she and Owen.  She dislikes Owen because she knows he’s a fortune hunter and treats her beliefs as a joke.  In fact she made sure to warn her little sister about Owen only to get caught in his trap herself.  Neither are happy in the situation however Owen vows to make the best of the situation.  Soon Owen learns that Milly isn’t what she appears.  The ill-tempered, anti-social, and cold woman actually has a warm heart, quick mind, and a sense of humor.

Milly learns Owen isn’t a fortune hunter due to gambling debts, womanizing, or reckless decisions.  His motives are honorable, to save his childhood home.  Wesden Heath was the one place in the world that kept him sane after the war.  Milly also learns that Owen isn’t pompous and arrogant as she once thought.  Owen has a teasing sense of humor not teasing to be cruel.  Milly learns Owen values her opinions and is actually a Romantic.  However Milly overhears gossip in the village that places Owen in a terrible scandal.  Could she have misjudged him and been fooled so easily?  Time and hard evidence will tell.

Owen and Milly are prominent secondary characters in “An Earl By Any Other Name”, the first Sins and Scandals book. And are the perfect characters to star in an Enemies to Lovers romance.   Both of the main characters are wonderfully engaging and likable. The storyline is in “A Gentleman Never Surrenders” is intriguing.  And fortunately introduces a few noteworthy characters for upcoming Sins and Scandals installments.  Owen and Milly’s romance is swift and sweet and marvelously steamy!  I’m loving Lauren Smith’s latest Historical Romance series.

I’m giving “A Gentleman Never Surrenders” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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