REVIEW: “Healed By You” by Christy Pastore

Christy Pastore never fails to take me out of my real world and into a much more enjoyable place.  “Healed By You” features one of my favorite recurring characters – Grady James.  He appears in the Scripted Series as well as “Bound to You”.  In those titles Grady’s a cheeky trouble maker.  But in “Healed By You” we see a completely different side to him.  He’s tender, thoughtful, yet still a dirty, dirty boy.  The Heroine Harlow Trembley’s a former lingerie model turned “Lifestyle Blogger”.  I feel she “over-reacts” and keeps things to herself that are better shared.  Other than that she’s charming.  The basis for the storyline can be found in Hollywood arranging relationships for Public Relations purposes.  Grady and Harlow are acquaintances, share a PR rep, and are both in need up image stabilizing.  Because they propose this arrangement to the PR rep it hastens the romance.

Grady ends his marriage to his troubled wife after catching her having some special “exercise drills” with her personal trainer.  Harlow, on the other hand, blindsided by her goalkeeper boyfriend of almost two years.  The Brit breaks it off with her just because he feels she’s distracting him from preparing for the World Cup.  The two bump into each other when Harlow is helping her friend who is casting a Beauty Company’s ad campaign.  After that Harlow and Grady continue to randomly bump into each other.  Both are living on The Harbour, Harlow is staying at her friend’s house until she gets on her feet.  When Grady’s ex-wife starts spreading false rumors about their divorce he asks Harlow to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Before Harlow can make a decision her photo appears with Grady and she’s cast in the role of “Mystery Girl”.  Harlow agrees to Grady’s proposal after her ex doesn’t come to her defense.  An entire country blames his poor soccer playing on the “fact” she broke his heart.  Harlow has serious abandonment issues.  They stem primarily from the fact that her father disowned her and her brother because he’s always hated them.  Her mother died while she was in college.  And now the abrupt manner in which her ex dumped her adds to her insecurities.

Harlow and Grady are attracted to each other but don’t get clear signals from the other.  However this is a bonus because it allow them time to get to know each other first as friends.  Once the doubt is removed it’s Steamy Sexy Times!!!  They realize that they were always in a relationship it was never “pretend”.  Unfortunately Grady’s wife makes a stunning return into his life.  Harlow’s ex also reappears and the couple has a lot of ground to make up.

“Healed By You” is SPICY and SMEXY!  Grady is the perfect combination of mischievous, sensitive, and Alpha.  Harlow is fun yet has serious vulnerabilities which Grady tends to wonderfully.  We see a lot of former Heroes and Heroines from The Scripted series and the first The Harbour series book.  Ronan Connolly, Holiday Prescott, Ella Connolly, and Alex Robertson are prominent and a Riot Club of fun.  Christy Pastore blows my mind yet again with another wonderful couple in a super sexy love story.

I’m giving “Healed By You” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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