REVIEW: “Lust” by Emma Hart

Emma Hart’s Vegas Nights Series is a riveting set of page-turners thus far!  “Lust” is the story of Riches to Rags hooker and a Las Vegas Vice Detective with a heart of gold.  The backstories for the Hero and Heroine are complex and compelling and they are likable and engaging.  Their Romance is cheeky, steamy, and straight-up lovely.  The Heroine, Perrie Fox, is the sister of the hero in the previous Vegas Nights book “Sin”.  Perrie has a six year old daughter, Lola; who has personality plus.  Adrian Potter is a detective on a special task force with a romantic past involving a prostitute.  He too is a single parent of a precocious seven year old son, Zac.  The relationship between the two youngsters is just as sweet and entertaining, if not more so, than their parents.  Obviously the adults’ relationship is 100% more spicy and titillating.

After her brother and father told Perrie to abort the baby she was carrying she left home.  When she did that she lost all the wealth and support the Fox name provided.  Now she’s a hooker in order to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Unfortunately Perrie isn’t as vigilant as usual one night and gets nabbed by Det. Adrian Potter.  Perrie realizes she has no one to bail her out.  Not only that she won’t be able to pick up her daughter from a sleepover.  Perrie breaks down.  Adrian finds Perrie attractive and learning she’s a single mom who cares about her kid he lets her go.  However Adrian can’t forget Perrie and devises a way for her to work for on his Taskforce.  He blackmails her to either be an informant or get arrested.  Therefore Adrian gets to spend “quality” time with Perrie.

Because Perrie and Adrian have to work together their children unexpectedly get thrown together.  Ironically the kids hit it off and become instant best friends.  This works for Adrian because he wants to get to know Perrie better.  His ex-wife was a hooker and the reasons she did it were completely different for Perrie’s reasons.  Perrie isn’t what he expects and the more time he spends with her the more he sees her big-hearted kindness.  Adrian isn’t just a cop who wants hookers off of the streets he’s a genuinely good guy.  They can’t resist each other.  Not only do they fall in love with each other but with the other’s kid as well.  From the start they know they are from opposite sides.  Two ends of the spectrum.  At first Adrian’s way out of Perrie’s league but tides change and in the end Perrie’s way out of Adrian’s.

Adrian helps Perrie reach out to mend fences reclaiming important things she lost as well as obtain a bright future.  Perrie helps Adrian come to terms with the guilt he felt about his wife’s choices and fate.  They end up helping the other out of needing them anymore.  Can they work out their differences on their own or will the children’s efforts at playing cupid save the day?

“Lust” takes place at the same time as “Sin”.  Events which occur in “Sin” are seen played out in this book.  You DO NOT need to read “Sin” to enjoy “Lust”.  Emma Hart does an amazing job with the story, sex, romance, and characters.  The children:  Zac and Lola are a delight.  Their scenes are wildly amusing.  The scenes are fabulous in their ability to innocently set up dirty double entendres for their adult counter-parts.  Many characters from “Sin” appear in this book and play important roles.  And those characters are treats on their own.  I adore the Vegas Nights series; “Lust” is simply wonderful I could happily reread it right now!

I’m giving “Lust” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.

This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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