REVIEW: “The Outskirts” by T. M. Frazier

Whenever I read a T.M. Frazier book I’m typically holding my breath or wondering when the other shoe will drop.  “The Outskirts” is a typically T.M. Frazier Romance … Atypical.  Her Heroes are difficult to define preferring to live in shadows of grey.  The Heroines usually emerge from a murky and mysterious past.  But the hardened Hero falls hard and fast for the gentle but fierce Heroine.  And the ending of this first half of this Duet is a typical T.M. Frazier “Wait, Say What Jaw Dropper”.  In “The Outskirts it feels as though more questions are asked than answered.  The main characters, Finn and Sawyer are charming.  The romance between Sawyer and Finn is compelling, sweet and intriguing.  The secondary characters of Josh (a girl) and Miller are wonderfully hilarious and their relationship is captivating as well.  The storyline is gripping and riveting.

Sawyer’s mother just killed herself in a car versus person suicide.  Her father is an elder in their ultra extremist cult-like church.  Sawyer hasn’t read many books let alone seen any movies or watched TV.  She and her mother weren’t allowed to socialize with anyone outside of the church.  The church is extremely misogynistic in that the men sit in the front of all religious ceremonies and dictate what the women wear, do, and believe.  Sawyer’s father was a strict disciplinarian preferring that his belt do his talking against her back.  Shortly after her mother’s death Sawyer found a box with keys to a truck, trailer and a deed to property.  Sawyer takes some huge risks and runs away from her father and toward a future her mother provides.  The land, Sawyer’s mother left her is located in an extremely small town which is seemingly abandoned.

During Sawyer’s first minutes in town she meets Finn and Josh.  Finn’s antagonistic, mean, and drunk while Josh’s welcoming, funny, and helpful.  Sawyer also learns she’s Finn’s next door neighbor.  Josh becomes such a good friend to Sawyer they become like sisters.  Sawyer learns Josh, and her (it’s complicated) “boyfriend” Miller were Finn’s best friends but they haven’t spoken in years.  Finn and Sawyer go from Enemies to Lovers.  This opens the door for Josh, Miller, and Finn to rekindle their friendship.

Other than Josh and Miller another secondary character of note is Critter.  Critter owns the local bar and it has a charming tradition of “tings”.  “Tings” are notes the patrons write on napkins or scrap papers of memorable events that happen in the bar.  The customers then hang the notes with string and paperclips from the bar’s ceiling.  There are many fun, sweet, and poignant memories.

Finn’s past is filled with guilt and he’s haunted by a troubled past love.  Sawyer is the Sun to his Darkness and he feels Hope for the first time in forever.  The Outskirts is a Land of Beginnings for Sawyer and her new friends become more like a true family.  Unfortunately Finn, and another resident of The Outskirts, fear Sawyer hasn’t seen the last of her abusive father.

There is so much to love about T.M. Frazier’s “The Outskirts”!  One thing many won’t like is that it’s a Cliffhanger because it’s the first part of The Outskirts Duet.  The second book of the Duet, “The Outliers” is due out in November 2017.  “The Outskirts” is a departure from the deep and heavy (yet fun) King Series.  However you will definitely still get lots of WTF moments.  Sawyer and Finn’s romance is sweet and sexy and lots of fun.  It’s brought to attention, in the book, that Finn and Sawyer are names of a couple of famous fictional characters.  I can’t wait to get my hands on The Outskirts Duet’s conclusion!

I’m giving “The Outskirts” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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