REVIEW: “Under Pressure” by Cathryn Fox

“Under Pressure” is a fun, super sexy Friends-to-Lovers romance in Cathryn Fox’s Dossier series.  In general the Dossier series is Ultra Steamy and they get hotter with each book.  This third installment features an Adventure guide Hero and a easily scared veterinarian Heroine.  Reese and her friends made a New Years Resolution to be daring with their sex lives.  Each girl drew a name and must plan a birthday adventure with sexy potential for their ‘chosen’ friend.  Reese’s adventure begins with a cage dive in shark infested African waters.  Luckily the friend who put together her ‘dossier’ made sure her best friend, Cole Rayburn, would be there for her.  Cole moved to Colorado when Reese got engaged.  But once Reese’s engagement failed Cole returned to New York City.  Now that Cole’s returned Reese is seeing how hot he’s gotten.  But as always Cole’s only interested in her friendship.

Reese and Cole have been best friends since they were little kids.  They were each other’s support through parental divorces, sickness, death, and storms.  Cole knows Reese better than she does herself and vice-versa.  When Reese got engaged to her douche-y fiancé Cole moved to Colorado and became an Adventure Guide.  Now that Reese’s ex dumped her Cole has moved back to New York City.  It seems like all of the activities on Reese’s itinerary seem to make her more aware of Cole’s hotness.  Rock hard abs shown off during the Great White Shark cage dive.  Strong, warm arms around her in the haunted cave.  Not to mention Cole’s intelligence when Reese needs cooling down when the hotel’s A/C goes out.  Ice, ice, baby.  Reese’s positive Cole still sees her as the chubby little tomboy.  She’s certain he’s never, and will never, see her as a romantic interest.

When Cole questions Reese about the ‘dossiers’ she admits the adventure’s mainly about finding a guy and having “epic sex”.  Cole tells her it’s dangerous for her to seek out a stranger since they’re in a foreign country.  Basically Cole volunteers to show her some “Epic Sex”.  At first Reese declines but one thing leads to another.  Reese tells herself that Cole’s only having sex with her to fulfill the fantasy.  Once they get back to NYC they’ll go back to being ‘just friends’.  Cole’s been in love with Reese forever.  But he knows things wouldn’t work out romantically between them.  In his family, Love doesn’t last and Reese deserves better than him.  However the longer they are sexually involved the stronger the feelings become.  Doubt and Hope fight to win.  How does Love prove itself in less than a week?

Cathryn Fox is a Sex Scene Savant!  Not only Steamy, but Fun and weighty with Emotion.  “Under Pressure” is the perfect Best Friends to Lovers romance:  amusing, thoughtful, and spicy.  So far the Dossier Series is “practically perfect in every way”.  Both the Hero and Heroine are likable, charming, and sympathetic.  The book is short, sweet, and steamy so the storyline is rather simple and straight forward.

I’m giving “Under Pressure” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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