REVIEW: “Temporary” by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry

“Temporary” is a slow-building house afire romance between a Corporate Sell-Out and frivolous Aussie Playboy.  Except the buttoned-up Corporate Piranha’s actually a Hedonist and the Skirt-Chaser’s a Philanthropist.  Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry combine forces to produce a lush insulated world populated by two complete opposites.  Callan’s a gorgeous and wealthy Aussie playboy who rushes to his recently deceased and beloved uncles New York City apartment.  Grace’s a struggling twenty-something trying to make her temp job permanent.  She started out to become a clothing designer but when Life starts happening she realizes she needs to become pragmatic.  Her fifteen year-old sister’s living with her and she has more “Adulting” than she can handle.  And less money than she needs.  Grace’s charged with cataloging and selling-off the belongings of her client’s deceased brother.  Unfortunately she walks in to find a charming family member poised to cause trouble and derail her life.

Callan Walker learns of his beloved uncles death almost by accident.  He’s angry his family didn’t inform him of the funeral.  Callan’s gay uncle was more of a father figure to him and the only family member he unconditionally loved.  And loved him in return.  Unfortunately the Walker family kicked Uncle Jack out because of his sexuality so he moved to New York City.  Now Callan learns his mother is acting as the executor of his uncle’s estate a fact he’s calling into question.  A couple of years ago Jack told Callan he was changing his will and leaving everything to charity.  Callan’s mother is holding a decades old will and purging Uncle Jack’s belongings savagely.  He needs to not rock the boat and play his mother’s employee to buy the time to find the will.  He’s steadfast to do right by his Uncle’s wishes.

Grace Kerrington’s dream, upon arriving in New York City, is becoming a clothing designer.  Her question was always “why not me?”  Now after many responsibilities fell upon her shoulders her question is now “what now?”  She is working a temp job for Walker Holding an Australian Importer.  Her hope is for this gig to become permanent.  She’s chosen to be the go-to-girl for the inventory and appraisal of the possessions of the owner’s deceased brother.  Grace was picked because of she studied art and business in college.  Unfortunately she walks into Jack Walker’s apartment to behold magnificent art work and a live super handsome Aussie.  Although Callan Walker claims he wants to help he’s a oh too sexy distraction.  Grace needs to remain cool and unaffected she needs a job more than an Aussie Playboy.  After all she’s recovering from a devastating break-up and doesn’t trust men.

As time passes Grace sees Callan isn’t a self-indulgent flirt he truly loved his uncle and cares about his legacy.  Callan quickly learns that Grace isn’t a true corporate raider she does this job because she needs to.  She doesn’t just want to get ahead she has someone she loves depending on her.  Grace finds out immediately that Callan and his mother are not on the best of terms.  She finds herself caught in the middle not knowing who to trust.  But Grace quickly ends up putting more trust in Callan than she’s comfortable with.  It starts when some cold-hearted decisions Victoria Walker makes about Jack’s estate stun her.  Grace and Callan are attracted to each other from the first.  It’s when Grace sees Callan’s emotional side they end up getting naked.

Grace wants the incredibly sexy interlude to be a one time thing but Callan wants more.  Things become extremely tense for Grace when Callan confesses his thoughts that there’s a will that puts him in charge.  Grace is put in the middle and she’s the only one with everything to lose.  Especially when her and Callan’s relationship is discovered by “Queen Vic” herself.  Callan’s mother plays rough and dirty and Grace has no claws.

It took me some time to “get into the groove” with “Temporary”.  I’m not sure why.  Callan is a fabulous Hero: Sexy, Funny, and a Dirty boy.  Grace is wonderfully Neurotic, Smart, and Kind.  Grace’s little sister is a delightful ball of Snark and Sass.  Love her!  It may be that the storyline’s so chockful of suspicion, sneakiness, guilt, resentment, sadness, lust, it’s a lot to process.  However this couple comes in like a wrecking ball when they come together hot sex and wonderfully witty banter.  Oy and the SEX!!!  Callan’s a yummy dirty talking Aussie Lovah!  Callan’s sister is a distant secondary character.  So we meet her but the impression is skewed by her and Callan’s estrangement.  Just know the next book is all Claire’s; and it sounds juicy!  “Temporary” is an entertaining book, with great chemistry, conflict, intrigue and Spice.  A fun Enemies to Lovers Romance.

I’m giving “Temporary” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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