Halloween Treat Coming!!!

I LOVE Halloween.  In fact my two favorite holidays involve eating Halloween and Thanksgiving. I won’t talk about the “Golden Shovel Award” my cousin (male) and I would vie for every Thanksgiving.  For me Holidays are about food and so you shouldn’t be surprised by my appearance if ever you should meet me.  I look like a Trick or Treater.

Enough about that.  I talked to one of my favorite Paranormal Romance writers – C. C. Wood, author of the Wraith Files Series.  I might have hinted at, asked, or perhaps tricked her into thinking writing an EXCLUSIVE short story about a Wraith Files Halloween Special would be an excellent idea.  Guess what she agreed!  Yay Me!!!

Apparently C.C. LOVES Halloween too and I sent forth some VooDoo inspiration vibes out in her direction and she sent me 25 PAGES of AWESOME!!!

I’m going to post it on Monday, October 30th to help get you in a Halloweenie-Mood for October 31st.  Set your reminders!

To help get you in the mood here are some handy-dandy links for C.C.’s Wraith Files Books:


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