REVIEW: “Animal Attraction” by Katee Robert

“Animal Attraction” is a short and sexy Romance featuring a sexy geek animal-lover and an impulsive and reckless private investigator.  Levi Turnbull’s taking a month off of work before his latest computer game releases and he’s bored.  Even his menagerie of dogs, cats, and an iguana can’t shake his ennui.  Brooklyn Jameson’s short on funds and desperate enough to take on a case to find a “stolen” dog.  The man hiring her is a world-class douche canoe but she needs the money he’s willing to pay.  This story is a case of attraction and enemies-to-lovers.  Brooklyn is hired specifically to go after Levi, as he’s the chief suspect in the missing dog.  Despite their intense and immediate chemistry, the couple’s on opposite sides from the get go.  Levi isn’t sure if he can trust Brooklyn.  “Animal Attraction” has tons of witty banter, snark, and hot and spicy sex scenes.

Brooklyn’s a private investigator who has a reputation for getting the information by playing fast and loose with the rules.  Her latest client is a Class-A jerk.  However he’s willing to pay big bucks to take down the neighbor he’s accusing of stealing his dog.  Brooklyn needs the money or wouldn’t take the gig.  The case isn’t as easy as she thought since she’s spotted on his property within minutes of staking-out the joint.  However Levi Turnbull isn’t what she expects; he’s quirky, flirty, and definitely unconventional.  Rather than turning her over to the police he asks her out and she declines.

Levi knows exactly what Brooklyn is, who she’s working for and what she’s looking for.  He knows he should keep her far away but he can’t.  From the moment he meets her he’s captivated.  She’s the least boring thing ever and he wants to spend more time with her.  However he is indeed hiding his neighbor’s dog.  He needs to either charm or brainwash Brooklyn before he tells her the truth.  Luckily Brooklyn changes her mind and does accept a date with Levi which turns into vigorous romp in his bed.

Brooklyn walks away from Levi but she can’t stay away and it’s not just because of the case.  She likes Levi.  He’s funny, smart, sexy, and wonderfully unexpected.  Unfortunately she has a job to do.  Can they find a compromise and can Brooklyn trust that Levi is truly a good guy.  She knows he can’t be all bad since Levi is her roommate Cora’s boyfriend’s best friend.  Plus the way he treats his herd of pets is almost too good to be true.

Yes, Cora and Jack from “Ties That Bind” play important roles in this short novel!  Katee Robert works her magic making “Animal Attraction” wickedly funny and super sexy.  Levi is delightfully quirky with his love of 90’s pop singers and films.  Not to mention his love of animals and sexy geek factor makes him virtually irresistible.  Brooklyn is smart, snarky, fair, and just plain cool.  This couple is fabulous together and the storyline is a joy to read!  I just can’t say it enough … Levi is irresistibly fun, compassionate, and seductive.  He’s amazing!  Not to mention his pack of pets are tremendously endearing.  “Animal Attraction” is a delightful must read!

I’m giving “Animal Attraction” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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