REVIEW: “Cuffed” by K. Bromberg

I really like reunion books.  Not exactly “Second Chance Romance” nor “The One Who Got Away” but more adorable.  The Hero and Heroine best friends as children then reunite, as adults, and fall in love.  The remember being best friends, playing “cops and robbers, Barbies, (it’s only fair) and pinky promises.  Their parents remember them fondly and hoped they’d marry.  So sweet it’s my new jam.  However K. Bromberg adds something heinous and insidious to the mix.  It’s the reason why the Heroine never wanted to see the Hero again.  Why she and her mother moved away for twenty years.  This tragic theme echoes from past to present.

Grant only remembers what he could process as a child but he’s now a cop.  His guilt and memories of the past affect an ongoing case in the present.  On the other hand Emerson doesn’t remember anything.  She doesn’t realize how much she’s repressed until she runs into Grant.  Their reunion begins as friends but their chemistry accelerates their emotions into lovers territory.  Em doesn’t want to lose Grant but the memories he awakens in her frighten her enough to make her run.  Grant feels he failed Emmy when they were kids.  Now he’s tenacious about not letting anyone slip through his fingers again.

Grant’s family is fantastic.  His former police chief father is solemn and wise.  While his mother is as warm, effusive, and strong as only the single bit of estrogen in Testosterone World.  Even the dog’s a boy.  Grant’s two younger brother’s, Grady and Grayson, are wonderfully annoying to him and generally hilarious.  Finally, Grant’s nephew Luke is energetic and a cutie.

Emerson has a wild-child best friend Desi who’s a dog groomer and sitter owning an establishment named Doggie Style.  Fabulous!  Emerson’s co-worker and friend Leo’s an amusing emotional barometer running in the other direction whenever Em is “in a mood”.  She has a secondary storyline regarding buying the plane jumping company in order to have a second chance.  Emerson is strong, independent, with lots of personal rules when it comes to men and relationships.  She’s a self-described “Gypsy Girl” and almost as big a player as Grant.

Grant starts the book as a “man-whore” he knows he’s good-looking and knows how to turn on the charm.  But when he runs into Em he’s thrown for a loop.  She was his constant, his “person” when they were eight years-old.  The minute she sees him in the present she practically runs away.  He’s haunted by the last time he saw her in their third grade classroom.  But he’s going to get her back into his life and keep her there.  Grant has a Hero Complex but Emerson doesn’t want to talk or think about the past.  It isn’t until later that Grant realizes Emerson doesn’t remember their past.

Bromberg explains at the book’s end that she based this story on real life. The story mirrors the events that occurred between the Hero and Heroine as youngsters. In real life it involved a girl she knew in elementary school and herself.  Tears flowed freely for me whilst reading this book; but I also laughed out loud.  Grant and Emerson are sweet, fun, and wildly sexy.  The storyline is gripping and holds you captive.  K. Bromberg does a magnificent job with this romance with a backdrop of child molestation.  Enough details are given to show the intensity but not so much that it’s traumatic to read.  The author tells a story which is rich in detail and nuance.  The Hero and Heroine are sympathetic, engaging, and charming.  They share witty banter and explosive chemistry.  “Cuffed” is a Must-Read!

I’m giving “Cuffed” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


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