REVIEW: “Field Tripped” by Nicole Archer

Insanity.  CuCu-Crazy Romantic Comedy based on true-life Advertising Agency escapades.  I can definitely say that “Field Tripped” is a stand alone novel.  Jumping into Book Three of the Ad Agency series wasn’t confusing at all.  Though I feel I must read the rest.  The cast of characters in this book are just that a bunch of characters!  The snark, name-calling, and slapstick comedy is all amazing!  It’s not just Laugh-Out-Loud funny but Snort-Out-Loud raucous.

The Hero, Eli/Elliott recently has gone through a lot and is now practicing Buddhism.  He’s given away almost all his possessions and lives in a tiny NYC studio apartment.  Complete with roaches; he’s not too much of a Buddhist to kill them.  The Heroine, Charlotte/Charli’s having her own issues with promiscuity, extreme sports, and getting her license revoked due to a DUI.  When these two unsuspectingly reunite the sparks fly.  Seriously she hates him and he isn’t too happy to see her.  However he’s smitten and he can’t resist her.  Unfortunately he needs to tell her that he’s responsible for her entire family’s death several years ago.  The storyline is madcap, riveting, and the sex and romance is whiplash-inducing.  It’s fabulous chaos!

The decision to review this book was honestly made almost completely based on the cover of the entire series.  The titles, the blurbs, the colors, and fonts did it for me.  The humor of the writing shone through the delivery of the blurbs.  I wasn’t left wanting nor disappointed; I was all-in almost from the very beginning.  Charlotte/Charli gave me some trouble in that it too her a while to finally forgive and trust Elliott.  Also tossing out phrases: “sex-addict”, “DUIs”, “extreme sports with injuries” and not expecting Elliott to “need-a-minute” was hard to swallow.  Elliott swings from neurotic to laid-back.  “Jonesing” for his Buddha Message Of The Day app is almost as amusing as his meditating/napping/masturbating time.  “Field Tripping” is wonderfully chaotic with a stellar cast of extras and “Hope-We-See-Them-Again Secondary Characters.  Skip, Avery, Sam, and even Stanley.  Which brings me to diagrams/illustrations … Fabulously Funny.  I LOVED EVERYTHING!

I’m giving “Field Tripped” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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