REVIEW: “Lucas” by Sawyer Bennett

The latest installment in Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey series is intense, passionate, frustrating, and crazy-sexy-sweet.  The Heroine, Stephanie’s backstory is complex, devastating, and compelling which makes the storyline in “Lucas” quite compelling.  This is an opposites-attract, accidental-baby, and a friends-to-lovers romance.  I know, right?  Stephanie is excruciatingly independent because of the horrible way she was raised.  However it made her strong, smart, and Teflon.  The Hero, Lucas, is a playboy professional hockey player but with strong family ties.  He’s caring, passionate, yet has a temper when pushed too far.  If you follow the Cold Fury Hockey series Lucas is the younger brother of fellow team member Max.  We also meet their little sister, and future Heroine, Simone.  As usual Sawyer Bennett is on point with storyline and characters.  As for sex scenes this couple is voracious, volatile, and vigorous in the bedroom.  Definitely a good time.

Lucas’s freshly traded to the Cold Fury and is playing professional hockey with his brother Max for the first time.  He has a roommate fellow new-to-the-team Van, a grumpy enforcer who isn’t quick to make friends.  At a charity event at the local museum Luc spots a beautiful interim curator and is immediate attracted.  The feeling seems to be mutual.  Witty banter, casual flirting and one drink turns into a few and the couple’s ready for sexy shenanigans.  Luc can’t believe his luck because this woman is on the same page when it comes to remaining commitment free.  Even better is the fact that Stephy likes sex just as vigorous and filled with dirty talk as he does.  They have a perfect round of sex until it isn’t.  Seems that the hot wild monkey sex they like not only blows their minds but shreds condoms as well.

When Luc sees Stephy about four-weeks after their one-night-stand she has to tell Lucas he’s going to be a father.  Stephanie isn’t exactly thrilled with the turn of events.  She never planned on ever having children nor even getting married.  Stephy grew up knowing her parents never wanted children and she was a child they merely tolerated.  If they even bothered to be in her presence.  She was raised by a nanny her entire life.  She was closer to that woman than to the people who share her DNA.  Stephanie has no idea how to parent; she’s has no friends to lean on for advice.  She learned not to rely on people because they never stick around; especially for her.  Her parents made sure Stephanie knew she wasn’t loved and probably never would be.

Lucas doesn’t take the news of his impending fatherhood well.  Never the less, once he tells Max the news his brother makes him realize he does want the child.  Not only that Lucas wants to be a part of the baby’s life.  He may not have planned to be a father at this time of his life but he’s always wanted children.  Fate just decided to stir up his timetable.  Luckily they both aren’t the types that feel required to “do the right thing” and marry for the baby’s sake.  Both are happy to be friends and Baby-Mama and Baby-Daddy – Co-Parents.  But since their already pregnant they decide there’s no harm in being friendly Co-Parents with Benefits.  Because neither one has ever had sex that incredible before.  Sexually they are perfectly in sync and neither want a serious relationship.

Well no serious relationship but exclusive sex on the regular.  Just friends, who are having a baby together, and regular exclusive sex.  No emotions.  Easy-Peasy, right?  Well not so much.  Lucas and Stephanie get along incredibly.  They are super compatible sexually and enjoy spending time together.  Lucas soon admits to himself that he could see a future with Stephanie.  But after he hears about her childhood he realizes that getting Stephanie to feel the same will be difficult.  In fact Stephy’s so squeamish that she may never let Lucas in fully.

Stephy doesn’t want to catch feelings for Lucas but she is.  She justifies her feelings as hormones, friendship, amazing sex, but she’s trained herself not to trust anyone but herself.  Everyone leaves, jobs end and she usually moves on so she doesn’t allow herself to form ties ever.  Ultimately she’s usually deemed unworthy and left to make her own way.  But Lucas seems different.  He has an amazing family he’s really close to and they seem to like her when she meets them.  The only problem is they see she’s a “flight risk” and Luc’s loved ones don’t want him to get hurt.  So when the play-offs come around Lucas’ nerves and stress level are high.  Stephy’s inability to commit is a trigger and causes them to say hurtful things to each other.

They couple break up because they don’t want the same things.  Stephy believes letting Lucas go will be easier than waiting for him to realize she isn’t lovable.  Breaking up with Lucas hurts worse that she anticipated.  Even though Lucas was hurt that Stephanie didn’t say she loved him; not having her in his life is devastating.  His family’s angry at him for the cruel words he said to Stephy.  He’s even more mad that they aren’t on his side.  However when life-threatening events occur, hearts see what is essential even if it they can’t see it logically.

“Lucas” is yet another worthy addition to Sawyer Bennett’s Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series.  The Hero and Heroine are complex, likable, and engaging.  The storyline is intriguing and compelling enough to hold your attention.  The secondary characters are fun and charming especially Luc’s sister Simone.  She enters the story with her own life altering issues and is mischievously up to no good.  Much to Luc’s roommate Van’s frustration.  Happily we get a taste of their upcoming romance with an Epilogue in Van’s Point of View.  “Lucas” will put you through an emotional wringer yet give you enough sexy-gun-times to keep your mood upbeat.  Sawyer Bennett’s entire Cold Fury Hockey series is a go-to Sports Romance staple and should be on your ereader.

I’m giving “Lucas” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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